Well, I guess I can't really say we're back in black, since we've traded up for basic white. However, I can say, finally, welcome the fuck back. We're running on Joomla 2.5, with a template hacked together by yours truly, based upon the design of my partner in crime, the Platinum Dragon. After that nasty little hack attack that put us down, we've managed to pretty much restore everything, though a lot of links and such are still not working. This will be a work in progress, and should even itself out as time goes on. The site itself has a spiffy new bootstrapped menu system up top for your navigation needs, and should be responsive enough to actually look decent on a mobile device.

On the subject of the Dragon, he's done worn out. So, as he wanders off into semi retirement...err...his century long sleep, that leaves most of what passes for day to day ops with me now. I've noticed that I keep loosing webmasters. First Navaash, then Rurouni, and now Platinum Dragon. It's a pity you Autobots die so easily or I might...err...wait, wrong show. Ah well, maybe after a long vacation I can convince him to come back and work some more, but at least I can take a bit of the burden of running this show off him, I hope.

So, now that we're back, I suppose it's back to work. Expect some new content shortly.

To one and all, welcome!

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No, I'm not dead, though I really feel like I should be at the moment, heh. Recently I've been upgrading and restructuring both the Tenchi Muyo fanart site I used to run and the site for the cosplay pictures I and others have taken over the years. Finally, it is complete enough to open.

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