So, I got to thinking (something I should avoid), and realized I'd not done an article in awhile. So I figured, why not talk about some epic rage quits? Seems like a good time for that when it seems like something that will be gripping our world soon enough. With that in mind, I picked my top three: Ranma 1/2, Lim Dall-young, and School Rumble. What do you all think? Got any that impressed themselves on you? Read on, and see what got me.

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So, I've not done one of these in awhile, and I figure now is a perfect time for a new ranting from the mind of this demented little man. Or at the very least a fun little trip through anger and hatred that gives me a little giggle at the shear self destructiveness of it all. Of course I'm talking about the top three rage quits in this genre we all know and love.

Ah, but what is a rage quit? I'm glad you asked. Urban Dictionay defines Rage quit as:

Throwing the poker chips, flipping the Monopoly board, unplugging the Nintendo, taking your ball and going home.

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