Normally I'd wait until I had all the videos up, but given how damn good this show was, I figured I'd release it as soon as it was done uploading and transcoding. So, without further ado, check out this year's Myth: Legends of Burlesque and Magic at Anime Expo.

I'll do a more indepth review with the convention report, but I will say this is probably the best show at Anime Expo, surpassing even the Masquerade and AMV Contest in just straight entertainment value. Not just by what is presented but by how much care and love for both the artwork of the magic and burlesques, but also in how much care and love they have when they entertain the audience, which is something a lot of us don't see very often in too many things anymore. Damn good show by all, and I look forward to next year's.

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Friday, 02 May 2014 22:50

Anime Conji 2014 Maridah Panel Now Up

The only video I managed to record this year at Anime Conji was the panel by well known cosplayer, Maridah. In this video you will find helpful advice for all stages of cosplay and cosplay enthusiasts as well as some humorous anecdotes in the world an extremely nice and down to Earth (such as can be said of any of us, heh) cosplayer. It is unfortunate that I was only able to start the camera at the second question due to not being able to be let in early.

So, without further ado, here's the panel on both Youtube and a torrent you can download either below or on Nyaa Torrents.

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I knew this day was coming, but I figured I'd have more time to be honest.

You've all may or may not have been aware of the current Youtube crackdown as reported by Kotaku here.

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