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First up, as we all know there's been a massive earthquake and tsunami, not the blue haired adorable kind, over in Japan. If you wish to donate to the Red Cross fund, please click here.

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Saturday, 01 July 2006 00:00

Yomigaeru Sora - Rescue Wings (TV, 2006)


I'll admit that I didn't go out looking for this particular series, and that I probably wouldn't have picked it up if not for the fact that I didn't know anything about it. That having been said, I'm glad that I decided to pick up the first three episodes of it when I saw them flash by in my RSS feed from Tokyo Toshokan. The series in question is Yomigaeru Sora - Rescue Wings, and it's about a young man named Uchida Kazuhiro. Kazuhiro is a pilot, freshly out of academy, and wants nothing more in life than to fly fighter jets. It's been his life-long ambition... so needless to say, he's not particularly happy when he finds out that he's been assigned to the helicopter search and rescue squad of the Komatsu air squadron.

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