Saturday, 13 February 2010 14:59

In Which I Lay it to Rest After 25 Years

Having sat and stewed upon this for the greater portion of my life, I pretty certain I can finally get this out in the way I want. This is about the Death of Optimus Prime and what it truly meant to me, and perhaps what it can mean to you too rather than the Kenny-esque way in which he dies and is brought back now adays.

So I invite you all to take a walk with me down this road through the past, and maybe we can all learn something from it finally after so long.

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A the people...the good and...the evil. This. Is. War.

You know, for a song that embodies the warning we should have had during the series and movie this article tends to cover, it has a really nihilistic ending. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, however.

On August 8th or 9th of 1986, depending on where you lived in the world, there came a movie to the theatres that etched it's mark upon the soul of the men and women of my generation and is the subject of much discussion even today. That movie was Transformers: The Movie, one of the many film entries into the toy/cartoon marketing craze that was all the rage in those days. Back then the whole toy/cartoon tie in was beginning due the relaxing of certain laws which limited such practices, so we wound up with all sorts of new and exciting shows aimed at little girls and boys as retailers and marketers experimented to see what worked. You won't find too much in the way of such variety now, and often what variety you do find has been imported and localized from our esteemed neighbors in Japan…though they too are falling into this trap. Back then was a golden time for such local entertainment, and never shall we see its like again.

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