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The Youtube Crackdown and the Future of Dragon's Anime Movies Featured

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I knew this day was coming, but I figured I'd have more time to be honest.

You've all may or may not have been aware of the current Youtube crackdown as reported by Kotaku here.

The recent dragnet has rendered not just a significant portion of game related youtube videos and video channels unwatchable, but just about anyone with a hint of any 'owned' content has had their videos flagged and audio muted. This has been mostly audio based.

This has revealed the long term plan of Google and the music and movie industry in regards to Youtube, and eventually the sites like it. It will be like Radio and TV...there will be no content on it that is not owned by a corporation. Other sites will be made to follow suit or be put out of business. The idea...the dream of user generated content will be made to be a thing of the past.

You will watch and listen to what they decide you will, how they decide you will, and when. And if you decide not to, well, they will find ways to make you. Until they're made to stop, but it's not time for that yet.

As we know, Dragon's Anime has taken nearly a hundred convention videos spanning ten years this year. In it we have sounds and videos from our favorite anime and jpop artists, song covers, and similar such set to backgrounds of cosplay videos of all sorts. Before their copyright protection mechanism was simply annoying, but now it has rendered Dragon's Anime Movies unusable with promises of it getting worse.

The bell has tolled, and I hear it loud and clear. As such we will...not exactly be closing our Youtube page, but we will be removing the videos from it as soon as a viable alternative is found. In its place we'll likely simply place preview videos with information on where to find the full thing.

In time even this work around will prove untenable. With conventions like Anime Central asserting ownership over all content in their domain, turning what was a shared fun thing into little more than a trade show backed by force, I suspect even the very act of what we do there to be curtailed to the point that there is no point.

In the mean time, we'll continue to do what we're doing for as long as we are able. However, there will come a day when we can't; and that will be the day we quit. Mind you, on that day, I suspect we will not be the only ones...and other things will be occurring. Look to your own and stay safe folks. Things are just going to get uglier.

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