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Cosplay =/= Consent Screwiness, Or How I Quit Being Afraid And Learned To Love the Attendee Featured

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And for our first bit of drama silliness, we have my take on a movement that is ripe for so much crap that we could open up a soil building plant and get rich off the proceeds. That being this cosplay =/= consent movement and everything that's coming with it. I honestly don't have very much good to say about it, but the reasons you'll see when you check out my thoughts on it.

Due to the nature of this particular article, I must again point out, this is my point of view, and honestly on a subject I would have preferred to keep to myself. The site itself, other contributors and/or managers, are not responsible for what I have written; it's all on me. So why not get up there and check out what all the hubbub is about? It may be coming to screw up your favorite convention sooner than you think.

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