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Articles On Goddesses and Other News Featured

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First up, as we all know there's been a massive earthquake and tsunami, not the blue haired adorable kind, over in Japan. If you wish to donate to the Red Cross fund, please click here.

Next up, I'll have to make a retraction. After some deliberation, ACEN will be allowing the recording and distributing of events by the press if you sign a waver stating that there will be no profit made on the recording. Never having seen this myself, I do not believe that will be a problem for anyone.

Finally, what you have come here for, an article on my farewell to Oh! My Goddess! and my condemnation of it. ...yeah, I didn't think you'd believe that either. Seriously though, I am getting rather tired of the stasis lock we're in concerning that series, but I'd say read on if you want the full story.

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