TOKYO, JAPAN (APRIL 3, 2014) - International rock icon Yoshiki announced today that he will add three new concert dates across Asia to his highly anticipated YOSHIKI CLASSICAL TOUR. X-Japan's founder and leader will bring his first ever classical concert tour to Taipei, Taiwan (June 13th), Tokyo, Japan (June 16th) and Osaka, Japan (June 17th). The newly added concert dates follow Yoshiki's recently announced Bangkok, Thailand date on June 10th.

Sunday, 10 July 2011 18:50

TFA Data Center Migration and Gallery Status Featured

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It appears during the recent data migration of the TFA Cosplay webhost, none of the required applications, such as unzip or imagemagick were installed on the new host. The gallery requires some of these features to display itself properly, which is why none of the thumbnails are currently up. I actually have Anime Expo 2011′s pictures processed and uploaded, but until the required applications are installed, the gallery is going to be running in a half assed mode.

Hopefully this will not take too long. More info as it comes.

Update - Also have AM2's pics uploaded as well.

Tuesday, 02 November 2010 21:33

AMV Hell 5 Has Been Released Featured

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As we continue our procrastination, I would like to direct you to a release by another group, whose current work is entitled AMV Hell 5. Yes, they made another one, despite AMV Hell 4 being entitled the Last One.

Having watched it twice so far, I can say they've upped the wrongness level, and the entertainment level even further than Part 4. I can't recommend it enough; so head on over there and pick it up. It's sure not to disappoint.

Thursday, 07 October 2010 20:57

One Piece A Pirate And His Crew Ep 3 Now Online Featured

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Well, after some serious problems with Toei and Funimation copyright robots scouring everything that even remotely has a wiff of their content despite whatever fair use is of being made of it, the numerous technical problems, and only the Forces of Darkness know what else, we've finally gotten One Piece: The Abridged Series back up and operation for episode three, which I've embedded after the fold.

This is it for the character I primarily play, which is Koby, but it looks like I'll remain gainfully employed to play other characters in the near future. Can't wait for some of them, heheheh. But what are you listening to me for? Click Read More and check it out!

Saturday, 19 June 2010 19:35

Summer 2010 Watch List Featured

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The Spring 2010 anime season is winding down, and with it all of the series that I've been watching lately. Angel Beats and Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou, and holdovers from Winter 2010 Durarara!! and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood have all been some solid material this season, but all good things do come to an end. Fortunately, it's looking like the Summer 2010 season is going to be just packed with new series to follow – and I do mean packed, as my personal watch list has ten series on it. Naturally, that number will probably drop off a bit after a couple weeks, but as of right now Summer 2010 has more obvious potential than the last three seasons of anime put together.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 21:42

Spring Anime Lineup 2010 Featured

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Sorry about the lack of updates folks. I've been trying to get a review of a game I want to do straight in my head, but before I do that, I may wind up reviewing something else since it seems to be taking so long. With that in mind, let me direct you to the Spring 2010 Anime Linup.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009 21:32

OPTAS - Nanowrimo Featured

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Can't believe I let this one go; I should be flogged. I'll have to look into getting a Texan dominatrix, with spine grinding high heels, and a penchant for pain. In any event, awhile ago, One Piece Abridged put out a neat little short for Nanowrimo, or National Novel Writing Month. But why bother describing it, when you can listen to Koby tell you all about it on the special below.

Friday, 11 December 2009 22:40

Happy Holidays, From Us to You Featured

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It's coming up on the close of another year, and we thought we'd spruce things up a bit here at Dragon's Anime. We hope you'll enjoy the new layout! As we do every year, please accept our wishes of a happy, safe, and warm holiday this year for you, and your loved ones. Happy Holidays everybody, from the staff of Dragon's Anime!

Wednesday, 04 November 2009 21:25

One Piece Abridged Episode 2 Featured

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Continuing on with the success of the first episode, the East Blue Players proudly present: One Piece: The Abriged Series: A Pirate And His Crew - Ep 002 - All Tied Up and Nowhere To Go

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