San Francisco, California — April 23rd, 2014 — eigoMANGA launches an Indiegogo campaign to reward developers that create a Vanguard Princess Netplay DLC on Steam.

Vanguard Princess is a 2D fighting game for the PC that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. Players can choose from ten girls with unique fighting skills and pair them with a younger assistant partner to form a team.

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Saturday, 05 April 2014 00:59

eigoMANGA Premieres "Demian" On ShortsHD

San Francisco, California — April 1st, 2014 — San Francisco based comic book publisher, eigoMANGA premieres the animation "Demian" on ShortsHD, the world's first high definition cable television channel devoted to short films. "Demian" is part of ShortsHD's animation block, 'SHORTS Animate!'

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San Francisco, California — March, 25th 2014 — eigoMANGA is excited to announce that the PC game, 'Vanguard Princess' is participating in Indie Gala's game bundle during the week of March 24, 2014.

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San Francisco, California — March, 4th 2013 — eigoMANGA is excited to announce that they have launched the fighting game, 'Vanguard Princess' on Steam.

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(San Francisco, CA) – February 11, 2014 – eigoMANGA announces an agreement with BiblioLabs that enables libraries to offer eigoMANGA's comic titles to their patrons through the BiblioBoard platform.

BiblioBoard is an award-winning content ecosystem that connects library patrons with digital archives from around the world. It includes over 125,000 e-books and consists of millions of pages of high-quality primary source content covering literature, philosophy, history, geography, science and more. In addition to the web version, BiblioBoard is available as a native application on a variety of popular tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire HD, Nook, and Android tablets).

BiblioBoard offers library patrons a unique eigoMANGA digital comics experience by providing an expansive collection of thematically curated digital comics, original artwork, animation exclusives, and comic creator video interviews.

"It's great to work with BiblioLabs and release our comics to libraries everywhere", states eigoMANGA's Publisher, Austin Osueke. "Libraries have always been an important entry-way for new readers in discovering comics. BiblioBoard is an excellent way to help foster people's love of comics."

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Sunday, 26 January 2014 14:51

eigoMANGA Animations Air On ShortsHD

(San Francisco, CA) – January 20, 2014 – San Francisco based comic book publisher, eigoMANGA announces that ShortsHD, the world's first high definition channel devoted to short films, broadcasts the company's collection of original animation films and shorts. eigoMANGA's animation content is part of ShortsHD's animation block, 'SHORTS Animate!'

ShortsHD currently broadcasts the animation 'Break Ups' throughout the month of January. 'Break Ups' is a slice of life story about a young couple with an on-and-off again relationship. They stumble upon a time machine that takes them back to several periods in their lives as a couple. 'Break Ups' is directed by Sung-dae Kim.

Last December, ShortsHD aired the holiday animation 'Christmas In Taxi' which is a story about a taxi driver who reluctantly spends his Christmas Eve with a passenger who is down on her luck. Additional eigoMANGA animation productions such as 'Demian' and 'ShortAGE!' are tentatively scheduled to broadcast on ShortsHD.

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San Francisco, California — October, 30nd 2013 — eigoMANGA announces that the game 'Vanguard Princess' has been voted into Steam by it's community members. Within 9 days since the game was submitted to Steam Greenlight, over 39,000 Steam community members logged on to cast their votes for 'Vanguard Princess'. The game is now slated for a Winter 2013 release on Steam's global digital marketplace.

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