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"Sword Art Online fone" Scheduled for a global release this December! Featured

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Install the world of Aincrad onto your Android Smartphone. A totally new experience unlike any other phone app or game you’ve ever seen...
The second release of the groundbreaking character Android Smartphone application [Anifone].

Enter the world of Aincrad on your Android Smartphone Sword Art Online, the anime title that has become a major hit not only in Japan but around the world, is now coming to the fans on the [Sword Art Online fone], an original application scheduled to be released globally in December. [Sword Art Online fone] uses the new generation [fone] interface that can fully customize existing Android Smartphones completely from the home screen to the design of the tools. Your Android Smartphone will transform into the world of Sword Art Online with one simple installation. Enjoy a whole new experience unlike any other application or game you have ever seen. Meet new friends and comrades in this virtual world, and level them up as you use your Android Smartphone every day. The Key to log out from Aincrad is in your hands!

Enjoy the world of Sword Art Online every day!

Making a call, texting, e-mailing...your daily Android Smartphone use will you’re your characters develop and get you closer to the top of Aincrad! As you scale the tower, your phone’s home screen will also change to match your level! (Dungeon, Streets, the locations that appeared in the Anime are included too.) Collect weapons and equipment as your character levels up and increase the number of your comrades!

Meet certain conditions as you climb up to higher levels and unlock your favorite gear and weapons that appeared in the anime series. You can also unlock exclusive items or costumes for Asuna only available through this application. You can also recruit more guild members as you level up. Choose your favorite guild settings and experience the world of “Sword Art Online” evolve through the live updates!

Exclusive content only available through the [Sword Art Online fone]!

The Sword Art Online fone also includes original Character voices! Be it the dialer or the alarm clock, you can replay the voices whenever you want with the [Sword Art Online fone]!The beta version will be released globally first and it will be free for a limited period of time.

The Anifone that follows the storyline of Sword Art Online will first release the Beta version globally and it will be free for a limited period of time. The official release will have additional functions and paid add-ons based on the feedback from our Beta users.

Sword Art Online Booth in AFA.

We are scheduled to exhibit a Sword Art Online booth at Anime Festival Asia (AFA), the largest J-POP Culture Event in South East Asia, this year to release more information on the [Sword Art Online fone]! AFA will be held in Singapore Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre (1 Raffles Boulevard) from November 8th to November 10th. Come visit our booth and don’t miss this chance to get the details on this product!

◆Sword Art Online fone
Release Date: Scheduled to be released in December, 2013
Price: To be announced
◆Sword Art Online fone Beta Version
Release Date: Scheduled to be released in December, 2013
Price: Free
Release Site: Google Play
Release Region: Scheduled to be released in Japan first, followed by Asia, Europe and America.
◆Sword Art Online fone Official Site
◆[Sword Art Online fone] official account on Twitter
◆anifone official website
◆For more inquiries◆
E-Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The actual date of release is not confirmed yet. Once it is confirmed, an announcement will be made in the abovementioned site.

・Art·Interface [fone] utilizes the technology of US company, Foneclay,Inc. to fully customize the design and functions of Android Smartphones.

・Android and Google Play (Previously known as Android Market) are trademarks or registered trademarks. of Google Inc.


(C) Anifone / LEGS Singapre Pte Ltd.

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