Thursday, 13 August 2009 19:02

Out of Touch With Reality

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Folks, I have a confession to make. I grew up on Nintendo. The first gaming system I owned was an NES. I spent many, many hours with Rad Racer. I could play all eight dungeons of Zelda with my eyes closed. Knew the precise spot to stand in to be safe from the rings in Mother Brain’s room. My next game system was n Super Nintendo, and then I finally got around to picking up a Game Boy when they came out with the black Pocket sized one. I loved the Dolphin, erm, Ultra 64, err, Nintendo 64, enjoyed the GameCube for what it was, and I think the Wii is a remarkably creative concept. I’ve owned every single system Nintendo has ever marketed, save the Virtual Boy – and that only because they were gone practically before I knew they existed. This is my gaming pedigree: Nintendo all the way back to the video gaming prehistoria.

Monday, 27 August 2007 06:00

Not for Children: Anime vs. Cartoons

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I have something of a confession to make, readers... despite the fact that I am an adult, I enjoy watching cartoons. Of course, anybody that's spent any time here at Dragon's Anime understands that fact - and indeed, I'm sure that quite a few of you like those 'cartoons' as well. Allow me to explain for the uninitiated among you, though. My use of the term 'cartoon' is both intentional, and sarcastic, as what I actually enjoy watching is Japanese Animation - 'anime', for short. Since the early days of Walt Disney, Loony Toons, and Hanna Barbara, there has been a belief in America that animated entertainment is for children, and must be a waste of time for anybody over the age of ten. For many, there is simply no comprehending of the idea that an animated forum might deal with more adult concepts - it would be the very antithesis of what cartoons are for. I've dealt with some of the basic differences between anime and American animations before, in the first chapter of my Anime for Newbs series. This article will be a deeper look at those contrasts, and what they mean to you, the new viewer. As always, much of what I present here are my own opinions and thoughts on the subject, and so I invite you to draw your own conclusions.

Friday, 26 May 2006 06:00

Eroge Anime Trend

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There's been a subtle change over the last five or six years in the type of the most popular, and best anime series that have been released. At first, it was fairly non-descript - a title here, a title there. Since 2002, though, that change has grown, and I'd argue that by this point it's become a trend. So what am I talking about? It's simple - a lot of the best anime series of recent years have been based on eroge - Erotic Games. What's more, they're not being released just as an animated version of the game. Quite to the contrary, some of the titles have had all erotic content removed and leave behind just the story and character development, which has made for some surprisingly compelling and deep storylines. Even the majority of the the remaining series that do still contain ecchi content use it only mildly - a little nudity here and there, with only a very few titles remaining full blown adult titles.

Friday, 27 April 2007 06:00

Lost in Translation

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I was chatting about Claymore the other night with K`thardin, about the latest subbed episode, number four. Now, both he and I have read the manga already, what's been translated, as well as looked through the raws all the way up to chapter 71, which is considerably farther along that I expect that the first season of the anime will get. I had noted, though, that the fourth episode was missing a couple panels from the manga that I had been looking forward to seeing put into the animation. They were minor pieces, really - just subtle reinforcements of established facts, nothing that would cost the anime anything particularly major to leave out.

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