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Destiny is a first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It was released on September 9, 2014, for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. Destiny marked Bungie's first new franchise since the Halo series, and it is the first game in a ten-year agreement between Bungie and Activision. Set in a "mythic science fiction" world, the game features a massively-multiplayer "shared-world" environment with elements of role-playing games. The Japanese version was translated by Zenigame Nakamoto, and published on September 11, 2014.

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The Testament of Sister New Devil (TV,2015)

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Oh hey, generic anime guy winds up with two new step sisters, one a loli and another that takes more than a little of her character design from Rias Gremory...though her tits may even be bigger than that. Dad has to bail for awhile; of course he does. This is either the start of some harem hijinks or an H anime. Even more generic twist! They're devils! They were using you and your father to hide from their enemies for awhile, but now that you've discovered their secret...they're going to have to erase your memory by beating your ass. Watch as our protagonist turns into the same kind of pussy that they all do in a long line of anime pussies that somehow wins the heart of...wait. Did that fucker just do the equivalent of shouting "Guyver!"? Yes, yes he did. Is he beating their asses like they said they were going to do to him? Like a kettle drum. Not this man's first rodeo apparently, and he's actually going to try to take care of these two? And one of them's a succubus...who maneuvers you all into doing all sorts of...yeah, the blu rays are going to be awesome.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Video Review (PS4, 2015)

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From The Elder Scrolls Online wikia:

The Elder Scrolls Online, also known as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, and commonly abbreviated as ESO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was announced in May 2012 and was released for PC and Mac on April 4th, 2014.[1] It is the eighth game in The Elder Scrolls series. On June 9th, 2015, the game was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Developed by the team at ZeniMax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online merges the unmatched exploration of rich worlds that the franchise is known for with the scale and social aspects of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The Elder Scrolls Online features a Buy-to-Play model similar to previous Elder Scrolls titles, where one buys the game and play it for free afterwards, but there is also an optional membership program, ESO Plus, which grants bonuses such as increased XP gain and free access to all DLC Packs. The game has an in-game cash shop, the Crown Store, where things such as vanity items and cosmetic mounts are sold for a premium currency called Crowns, but nothing that gives players a significant advantage over another will be sold. Players who have had a subscription prior to the transition will be given 1500 crowns, or more if they have had a three or six-month subscription.

Buying the Imperial Edition gives players the option to play as an Imperial, craft Imperial gear, convert existing gear into the Imperial style, gives an Imperial horse with standard stats, a mudcrab vanity pet and the Pledge of Mara, which allows players to marry.

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Arpeggio of Blue Steel (TV, 2013)

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It is the year 2005, and the treacherous Decepticons have conquered...no wait, wrong story. Let me back up a sec. It's actually the year 2039, and global warming agitprop has caused the sea levels to rise exponentially causing a massive loss of Earth's land mass. During this time fleets of sentient warships, dubbed 'The Fog' with technology light years ahead of our appear on the high sees with this directive: There will be no transit, commerce, communication, or any other interaction between land masses via the oceans or the sky. Humanity is now cut off from each other. Humanity fought bravely, defiantly, but otherwise, futilely as no weapon we had, no strategy we could come up with, and no protection we could put up could stop them. And after the final stand of the world Navies, humanity retreated to its land locked positions and futilely plotting how it could retake its world. Its only hope laying in a deserter from The Fog, Iona, and her captain, Gunzō Chihaya, with their crew of Blue Steel, the only ship currently capable of fighting back against these invaders. Though in this transformed world, all is not as it seems; far more than meets the eye when it's found 'The Fog' is evolving as well; though not in a direction much of anyone expected.

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Amagi Brilliant Park (TV, 2014)

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Pop Quiz! Exceedingly hot girl with huge knockers shoves a flintlock she stole from Mami Tomoe into your face and informs you that you will go out with her on a date. What do you do? WHAT! DO! YOU! DO!? If you answered anything other than "Go out with her, of course." then you probably deserve the extra ventilation you're about to receive. In the case of our main character, Seiya Kanie, he chose far wiser, and not only went with her on a date, he found out said date was more of an excuse to get him to the failing amusement park, Amagi Brilliant Park, and to listen to its owner's request that he help her save it...or she and those working there will surely die. And so begins the adventures of Kanie as the new Manager of this park, finding both that he's damn good at that job and that is has several things to teach both him and those within about themselves and about each other; all the while the foreclosure of the park looms its shroud of death over them all.

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