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Kaze no Stigma (TV, 2007)

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There once was a young boy by the name of Kazuma Kannagi who was found to have none of the hereditary power of Ejutsu, the ability to control fire, that his entire family wielded. This became a source of constant ridicule, petty (and not so petty) bullying, and constant shame. Eventually this came to its culmination one day in his exile at a very young age after his defeat by a distant relative, Ayano Kannagi, in the bout to decide who would be the heir to the family and wield its family sword, Enraiha and all the power it contained. Weak, broken, and betrayed by those who were supposed to love and care for him, he left to make his own way in the world or die. Several years later he has come home, now going by the name Kazuma Yagami, with a new power, the Fujutsushi; the power to control air. And he is very VERY pissed off.

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Star Wars - The Clone Wars Seasons 1-2

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And These Are The Good Guys?

Warning: this Review and Rant contains some “spoilers”

A Review of and Rant on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, complete seasons one and two, as presented on Blu-Ray Disc under the logo imprimatur of LucasFilm ™ & WB ™

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Little King Story (Wii, 2009)

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Once upon a time, there was a young boy playing in his room, keeping the loneliness at bay; trying to hold back the gloom…

Where upon four mischievous rats, with their eyes that bulged and their claws that scratched, stole his toys with a speed, though he tried, the he could not hope to match.

Running and scurrying about, they lead the boy out; a merry chase so full of haste…deep into the forests of yore and doubt.

There within a tree, now a stump, he finds a crown…he puts it on, then looks around…

Seeing now that on this day, somehow, some way, he is king of this merry land…filled only at the moment with his advisors, jokers, and knaves.

"This should not stand, this should not be," cried as one; his advisors three. "We need carpenters, soldiers, farmers, and people! Not these lumps of lard and carefree sheeple!"

"And when we get them, and amass our army," said the old one, malicious and smarmy, "The world shall be min…err…OURS…and it'll be a helluva party!"

The Little King thought this over; head bowed and back bow over. It sounded good, it really did. Perhaps with a Princess or two…or even Seven instead.

For this, he did as he must, for all were giving of the deepest of trust; however his brow often furrowed, his mind started clouding with a worrying rust.

Because the signs and portents found in travels and news, with a sea that sighed and an earth shaking booms, told him that unless he could find a way to decipher these clues, the world as he knew it was totally doomed.

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Seitokai Yakuindomo (TV, 2010)

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The Ousai Student Council... Suzu's down in the bottom right corner somewhere. I've got a question for the guys out there in the audience. If you, as a teenager, had the chance to attend a formerly all-girls school that was opening its first year of co-education as one of the first – and very, very few – boys, would you jump at the chance? I mean, just think about it… a school with a ratio of, say, 7:1 girls to boys. Can't you just imagine the possibilities? Really, what's the worst that could happen? Just as a… cherry… on top, the campus could even be closer than your current school. Wouldn't that be great? All those beautiful, maturing teenage girls all around you… …If you have any sense, you're running screaming right about now. Unfortunately for Tsuda Takatoshi, he didn't have any sense.

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Akuma to Love Song (Manga, 2006)

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Ah, but aren't they all in their own way? As anybody with even a modest amount of common sense could tell you, children – even the older ones in high school – can be terribly cruel. It's a fact of life that most adults often turn a blind eye to. What's that, little Maryann is a holy terror and has been torturing her classmates? Well, kids will be kids, my little angel would never do something that terrible! Johnny's been getting into fights? He's just hyper, maybe if the teacher were doing a better job of teaching him he wouldn't be acting out! It couldn't possibly be because the child is… well, a child, and hasn't let learned what is and isn't acceptable in society, possibly because the parents are too busy putting blame on everything EXCEPT Maryann and Johnny they haven't taken the time to raise them properly… In any case, it's a fact of life. With the slightest provocation, children can and will be utterly evil, and not even realize that they're doing so. Hence we come to the subject of this review, Akuma to Love Song, the story of a young woman named Kawai Maria who's just transferred to a new school after being expelled from a famous private school, and the troubles that await her as rumors surrounding her expulsion reach her classmates.

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