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Akuma to Love Song (Manga, 2006)


Ah, but aren't they all in their own way? As anybody with even a modest amount of common sense could tell you, children – even the older ones in high school – can be terribly cruel. It's a fact of life that most adults often turn a blind eye to. What's that, little Maryann is a holy terror and has been torturing her classmates? Well, kids will be kids, my little angel would never do something that terrible! Johnny's been getting into fights? He's just hyper, maybe if the teacher were doing a better job of teaching him he wouldn't be acting out! It couldn't possibly be because the child is… well, a child, and hasn't let learned what is and isn't acceptable in society, possibly because the parents are too busy putting blame on everything EXCEPT Maryann and Johnny they haven't taken the time to raise them properly… In any case, it's a fact of life. With the slightest provocation, children can and will be utterly evil, and not even realize that they're doing so. Hence we come to the subject of this review, Akuma to Love Song, the story of a young woman named Kawai Maria who's just transferred to a new school after being expelled from a famous private school, and the troubles that await her as rumors surrounding her expulsion reach her classmates.

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