Sunday, 13 February 2011 19:06

Umi No Misaki (Manga, 2011)


There's a lot of stories about the gods and goddesses as they descend to the Earth where they find love and adventure with us unpredictable and exciting mortals. Still, so very few actually deal with the fact that these are what we have classified as divine beings. These creatures are what our race has worshiped since before we walked upright. Sure, they descend from their lofty homes and come to live with us, sometimes teaching us, sometimes tricking us, sometimes hating us, and sometimes loving us, but through it all...that very divinity is as much a part of them as our mortality is part of us, and we must not forget it. Come with me, as we go on a journey with Goto Nagi, Narumi Shizuku, Nagumo Karin, Mitsurugi Soyogi, and their friends as we explore what it means to be divine, and mortal, and how it relates to the love between the two...or four as the case may be.

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