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Hope you folks are ready for an update, because I've got eight, count'em, EIGHT new reviews for you this time around. So, what's on the list?

And who knows? The winter season is just about over, so there might just be some more reviews coming soon too! Till then, keep your stick on the ice!

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Sunday, 22 February 2009 05:03

Natsume Yuujinchou (TV, 2008)


Takashi and Nyanco-Sensei

Life has an unpleasant way of punishing people for being special in some way. How often in school was the quiet, really smart kid in your class also the favored target for the school bullies because they wouldn't fight back? Or the girl with braces teased and made fun of? Natsume Yuujinchou is about a young man who is special in an unusual way. He can see and talk to the many, many spirits that wander around, invisible to everybody but those with great spiritual power. Of course, as we've already pointed out, life has a way of punishing you when you're special, and so not only has nobody ever believed him, he's been labeled as the strange child, the liar, and bounced around from family member to family member after his parents died. By the time we meet him, he's a quiet, shut-off and somewhat cynical young man – until he finds an unusual book in the belongings of his grandmother when they're delivered to him. A book of names.

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