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Ixion Saga DT (TV, 2012)

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Ixion Saga DT is your generic story of a man summoned to another world to save the...

Wait, did he just DO that?! OH! That shit looks like it hurt! Holy shit, dude, that dude just got....and the hits just keep on coming! Oh the pain! The fuck?! He just...that's wrong dudes, that's wrong! Mercy! For fuck's sake, mercy!


Ixion Saga DT (Dimensional Transfer or a something that means virginity) is a 25 episode anime series based on the Ixion Saga game by Capcom that premiered back in October of 2012. A game I'm going to have to check out, because if the game is anything like the anime, holy fuck is it going to be entertaining. The series starts out with our protagonist, Kon Hokaze, playing a MMORPG. Having not learned that online, all chicks have dicks until proven otherwise, he winds up being seduced by what he believes to be a female player who asks him to help her...which he readily does. Cue him dropping out of his world on his swivel chair and right into the world of Mira where he saves one of the local princesses, Ecarlate Juptris Saint Piria, by crashing on top of her attacker in said swivel chair. Having nowhere else to go, he tags along with her transsexual maid Mariandale, and a generic swordsman with his own issues, Sainglain. It just gets worse from here on out.

I'm not even sure how much of this anime I can actually describe without spoiling it too badly, and you really don't want this spoiled. This anime ruthlessly uses every trope it possibly can and then proceeds to mercilessly grind it under heal in an attempt to outdo itself in just how fucked up it can get. It is wrong, it is hilarious, and it just does not stop. There comes a point where I just feel sorry for every single person in this thing, enemy and villain alike. Not that this stops me from laughing so hard I can't see straight. What's worse is that no one is really incompetent or the designated butt's like that world just decided to have a bender with Murphy and EVERYONE is gonna get it. Granted all the characters are host to some really fucked up psychological problems that do exacerbate the issues they wind up dealing with, but generally and honestly, not many of them are what you'd call incompetent or bringing of this doom upon themselves. Which is not to say that they're sweetness and light; these guys are often poster children for DC Comics level of Superdickery. The shit they pull on each other is just fucked up, and they do not stop! It's almost like something that would be written over here in the States; it deserves some sort of dub, because if nothing else, just listening to the voice actors having more fun than should be allowed would add to what is already a hilarious story (not that it wasn't obvious the Japanese VA's could barely keep it together in their sessions, heh). At present though, the only place that one can watch it legitimately is on Crunchy Roll, which is fine if you have that service.

In technical terms, the animation quality is what we've come to expect of a generic high quality, and I have no complaints here. The background music is also generic and fitting; however the various openings and closings share in the theme of 'How fucked up can we make this show?'


I can't even believe they managed to make this. In an age of 2chan nose candy and series that have no payoff (fuck you, Chunibyo! Fuck you!), a show that is pretty much a rejection of everything that makes a typical anime now adays should not have gotten approved, much less allowed to go on and on for 25 episodes. This is how a parody should be done cranked up to eleven. And it's not just the big things, it's all the little things that they throw in too. Just when you think they can't outdo themselves; one of the characters walks up and tosses in just a smidge of Superdickery into the mix that has one's jaw on the floor if you're not gasping for breath after laughing so hard.

It is a comedy/parody series, and I'm not sure everyone will like this, but I am sure everyone should at least give it a couple of episodes. If for nothing else to see the fate of Erecpyle Dukakis, and to understand it only gets worse, and more amusing, from here on out.

Additional Info

  • Title: Ixion Saga DT
  • Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Parody
  • Director: Shinji Takamatsu
  • Studio: Brain's Base
  • Licensed: Crunchy Roll
  • Network: TV Tokyo
  • Format: Television
  • Episodes: 25
  • Animation: Good (+2)
  • Writing: Groovy (+5)
  • Pacing: Groovy (+5)
  • Voice Acting: Groovy (+5)
  • Soundtrack: Very Good (+3)
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