Thursday, 24 November 2011 19:40

PMX 2011 and Ladies of Tenchi Muyo! Pics Up

Here's a Thanksgiving present for you all!

Well, after much procrastination, I have uploaded both mine and Mayhem's pics from PMX 2011 which you can get to by clicking here. Hopefully I'll be able to get Gensao's pics in there as well shortly.

Also of special note is the inclusion in those galleries of several pics of the Ladies of Tenchi Muyo reunion panel, which should be of great interest to many a fan. As always if you're one of the cosplayers and want an unedited and/or raw version of the picture we took, hit us up, and we'll make it available. Have fun!

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Monday, 20 April 2009 00:05

Finally...the harem anime rant is done!

Vae Victus! Suffering to the Conquered! I'm pleased to report the long promised Harem Anime Rant is finally done.

But who is conquered? Or are we all just suffering? Maybe someone will be able to tell me after it's read.

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Tuesday, 07 April 2009 18:25

Vae Victus Fanboy: A Harem Anime Rant

Screw you, Masaki Kajishima! Like I wanted to watch the culmination of your years of repressed libido, manifesting in an anime where you are God, and created a universe of women to FUCK! Every guy does it, but I'll be damned if want to watch another guy doing it! And if that wasn't bad enough, you...YOU PERSONALLY...are responsible for finding this chink of pure fail in the lonely beta and omega's armor, parading it around like one would the kill from a grand hunt, which it WAS, and spawning an entire industry of imitators who distilled down your preachings to its purest form like some unholy bible at the Council of Nicaea! Okay, sure Hayashi takes half the blame for the original concept, but at least he grew the fuck out of it! Seriously dude, as if Ranma wasn't bad enough, I....

Thursday, 30 November 2006 22:03

Closing & Moving - Oh, and Tenchi Muyo OVA 3

I've decided to close "Where No Anime Goes Unpunished."  It's been a long time, I'll admit, since Navaash and I first started it as "Where No Fic Goes Unpunished," which was a Tenchi Muyo fanfiction review site.  After Navaash steped aside, it was Rurouni Ken-ouki who became my webmaster.  Then as he stepped aside, I tried it myself for awhile.  Then JC and I started this new version of Dragon's Anime...and this is where I started doing all of my work.

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Thursday, 30 November 2006 00:00

Tenchi Muyo OVA 3 (TV, 2004-2005)


If you don't know this one by now, may the gods have mercy upon your soul. Anyway, Tenchi Muyo is about a faceless cypher, Tenchi Masaki (or is it Misaki? I always get those confused), who didn't start out that way, but draws a magical sword from a stone, freeing the demon Ryouko which causes no end of mischief to befall him in the form of several other girls in what is probably one of the first pure harem animes ever made.

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Friday, 03 February 2006 22:34

A Brief Romp Through Tenchi Fandom History

So who here has watched an episode of Tenchi Muyo?

Friday, 03 February 2006 20:51

RoaDLM: Tenchi Muyo Fandom

The first addition to Rantings of a Demented Little Man has been added!  Today, we have a little romp through the history of the Tenchi Muyo fandom one may find interesting.

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