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The Bane of your Demons is a Loli! Featured

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*looks at the title of this article...* Well, sort of. We're not dead yet folks, barring accident, incident, personal crisis, work, and school work, we're still alive and somewhat kicking.  Personally, I'm going for being raised as a Lich/Demon/Sith Lord hybrid.  Today's little offering is brought to you by the letters E, G, and L as well as the numbers 6 and 9......

Seriously though, a new review is here for your pleasure or your pain; it may well be indistinguishable after you're done with this. Demonbane; an anime of books who turn into cute lolis, and the fanservicy boys who love them and fight in giant f'n robots with 'em! And if that doesn't scare you, perhaps the fact that Cthulhu makes an apperance should.

Just remember, your RPG character's dying words cannot be: Hastur, Hastur, Hastur...

Do discuss though, as this one...this one probably needs it...if nothing else to get over the book addiction you're likely to acquire. CLOSED

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