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Claymore and Tokko Reviews Featured

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So what do you get when you take a girl with a sword big enough to make the Rayearth characters jealous, add in a young man with the sort of balls most anime males wish they had, and throw in some critters that like to snack on humans? I'm taking a look at Claymore this week, a series that has set about answering just that question, and is doing a damned nice job of it thus far. It's a surprisingly deep take on a story that might seem, on the face of it, to have been done before, and we're only three episodes in.

I'm also taking a look at Tokko, a more modern approach to a similar problem. Flesh eating monsters, girls with big swords, blood, guts, gore... I figured as long as I was on the subject, I'd go ahead and make this a double update. Two reviews for the price of one, folks! And don't forget the discussion threads, one for Claymore, and one for Tokko. CLOSED

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