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Umi No Misaki Review And Other News Featured

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We break from our current level of slacking to bring to you a review of the wonderful little manga from manga-ka Kou Fumizuki, Umi No Misaki. A whimsical little slice of life manga with a surprisingly engaging story line and wonderful little characters that one can't help but want to see what they turn into. It also explores concepts of faith and divinity and how it relates to both those who are gods and those who believe in them.

For our news portion, we have two little times.

First is that Animego will, after nearly twenty years, will finally lose the license to Urusei Yatsura. Heh, I think I still have old VHS tapes of it, as well as the two episodes they actually dubbed on VHS. This follows with their recent loss of the Oh! My Goddess license as well. End of an era, and I'm feeling damn old. h/t Jocko

Second, and finally, there will be no video from Dragon's Anime of the Anime Central convention this year or for the foreseeable future. There is a new policy that states that press is not to upload full videos of events to the internet. I have spoken with the press department, and I have confirmed that yes, they mean exactly that, and no, they will not budge. I would recommend that those who plan on putting their effort into actually getting up on stage at this event to showcase their talent be absolutely certain it's worth it to you, as it seems that ACEN may be attempting to assert rights over your participation it's not entitled to.

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