One day before the movie is released on video, only four short months after it premiered, and topping in at the 19th highest grossing movie of all time, we have the Transformers as I saw it at Anime Expo 2007. It was an experience beyond all imagining, and I can only hope that my tale can convey the slightest glimmer of what it was that happened there.

Drop by the forums and add your thoughts about the whole event. CLOSED

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Thursday, 20 September 2007 23:34

RoaDLM - Anime Expo 2007 Report - Day 3 & 4

What's there to say about this one? A whole lot, with a couple of mini reports to come. Still, this is the main meat of the convention. Hopefully it fulfills the requirements of informative. I would recommend to all who know us to at least give it a once over if you're planning on heading to AX next year. At the very least, you may be better prepared for whatever goes down.

As always, there's a thread over on the message boards to discuss this article and all other matters pertaining to Anime Expo.

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Thursday, 20 September 2007 23:14

Anime Expo 2007

Originally published as four separate articles, one for each day; they were compiled into one in order to allow for continual reading.

So…Anime Expo 2007.

Yeah, that about says it all if you were there. Going through the various blogs, forums, reposted emails, and what-have-you, the consensus was pretty much on the order of: What the flying fuck, over? For my own personal experience, this year’s convention has the most unique dichotomy; it was both the very best convention I’ve been to…and the very very worst. It was so bad, in fact, that I don’t know if I’m going back next year.

My reports on Anime Expo this year are going to be broken up into a few overlapping categories. I’m going to do a day by day report, a report on the SKIN concert, a report on the Transformers movie showing, and finally, a report on all the shit that went on this year that really REALLY fucked it all to Hell.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007 22:47

RoaDLM - Anime Expo 2007 Report - Day 2

The pain continues with the next day of Anime Expo. Though our trials and tribulations were harsh, we persevered...though only God knows why.

A couple of parts concerning the SKIN concert report were noted by Gensao to be slightly inaccurate. I'll fix that and post a notice when I do. I suppose I could do it now, but then, I'm lazy like that, heheheh. Seriously though, it's only a small part dealing with the cameras that were recording them on stage.

Discuss, if you wish, how the event went for us...or with you. CLOSED

Also, JC...the Kaibutsu Oujo anime is weak. Just sayin'.  Fixed your link, too.  ^_-

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Monday, 20 August 2007 23:18

Anime Expo 2007 Skin Concert

This concert was weak.

There, I said it. WEAK!

This is not to say that it wasn’t enjoyable; it was…very much so. However, it suffered from some very damning flaws that stifled the enjoyment of something that so many had been waiting for, for so long: the first North American appearance of the likes of Gackt and Yoshiki in concert. Honestly, unless you were a die hardest fan of any of the newly formed Autobot gestalt team known as SKIN, there was really a lot that just plain flat out could not be forgiven, and I may well be overestimating the good will of that deadly species known as the fangirl.

So can anyone tell me what SKIN actually stands for?  It's often spelled S.K.I.N. so is it an acronym, or the band just messing with us?

In any event, here's what went down at the concert. Hopefully a DVD of it comes out, and you can judge for yourself if the content was worth what the fans went through to get it..or not.

Stop by the boards if you want. CLOSED

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Thursday, 09 August 2007 15:55

RoaDLM - Anime Expo 2007 Report - Day 1

Day 1 was the real start of all the troubles at AX. Day 0 might as well have had Shang Tsung get on top of the Arena and shout, "AND NOW FOR A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME!" while pointing at the ticket line and laughing maniacally. Here's the trials and tribulations that I went through...and it only got worse.

I suppose we were lucky. I know many got it worse than myself and the group I was with did.

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Time for the start of the AX report. Here we have Day 0, and I wish I could have heard the bells... cause it tolled for me and every other con goer this time.

Stop by the boards, and tell us what your experience was, heh. CLOSED

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To say that this year's Anime Expo was rife with problems would be like saying that Hurricane Katrina was just a strong wind: Both accurate and a severe understatement. Several sites have had people coming out of the woodwork just to share their horrific experience...more so than usual. I'll be including that, likely in a report all its own that will tie into my AX report when I get it done.

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Saturday, 07 July 2007 20:51

Back from Anime Expo 2007

Ah, Anime Expo. What can one say about the convention this year? A lot, but that'll have to wait until mine, and others, reports get written. In the mean time, I've uploaded the pictures of this years' cosplayers to the Conventions page of Tenchi Fanart.

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