Saturday, 05 May 2007 21:57

Fate/Stay Night Sabre Route Patch Finished Featured

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Alright! From the people who brought us the full Tsukihime english translation patch, Mirror Moon: The Fate scenario (or Sabre route, if you prefer) is fully translated and ready for use. So for those of you who have the game (or know where to get it) and want to know what's going on as it happens, rather than referring to a guide or overview, this should least until you want to complete the Rin and Sakura routes, heh.

Thanks to Peorth for the info.

Update - Looks like they included a spoiler in Day 4 that wasn't supposed to show up until later. If you have it already, be warned. If not, you might want to wait to download the patch until they fix it. We'll post more information as it happens.

Update 2 - I should check their site more often. They fixed their patch a few days ago, so now you can go through the entire Sabre route sans the accidentally included spoiler, heh.

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