(San Francisco, California) – April 15, 2015: eigoMANGA is pleased to support the troops by including its game 'Vanguard Princess' into a fundraising program organized by Operation Supply Drop. Operation Supply Drop(TAX ID: 27-3842517) is a 501(c)3 military charity supporting active-duty and veteran troops of the United States military and its allies since 2010.

(San Francisco, California) – March 17, 2015: eigoMANGA released a DLC update for the game 'Vanguard Princess'. The DLC update is for 'Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize'. In the DLC, the final boss character Hilda Rize, is unlocked and playable in Arcade Mode and Two Player Mode.

Saturday, 25 October 2014 01:18

eigoMANGA Releases Halloween-Themed 'Vanguard Princess' Game DLC Featured

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(San Francisco, California) – October 22, 2014: In the spirit of Halloween, eigoMANGA has released a DLC (downloadable content) for the game 'Vanguard Princess' that features the demonic game character, Lilith. Lilith is a pre-teen brawler who claims to be "The Daughter Of The Devil". The DLC known as 'Vanguard Princess Lilith' is available on the game platform Steam.

Sunday, 13 July 2014 22:00

eigoMANGA Releases 'Vanguard Princess' Game DLC Featured

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(San Francisco, California) – July 8, 2014: eigoMANGA released it's latest DLC for the game 'Vanguard Princess' on Steam. 'Vanguard Princess' gamers can now play as the final boss character, Hilda Rize, in Arcade Mode and Two Player Mode.

San Francisco, California — April 23rd, 2014 — eigoMANGA launches an Indiegogo campaign to reward developers that create a Vanguard Princess Netplay DLC on Steam.

Vanguard Princess is a 2D fighting game for the PC that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. Players can choose from ten girls with unique fighting skills and pair them with a younger assistant partner to form a team.

San Francisco, California — March, 25th 2014 — eigoMANGA is excited to announce that the PC game, 'Vanguard Princess' is participating in Indie Gala's game bundle during the week of March 24, 2014.

Sunday, 09 March 2014 23:26

eigoMANGA Launches Vanguard Princess Game on Steam Featured

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San Francisco, California — March, 4th 2013 — eigoMANGA is excited to announce that they have launched the fighting game, 'Vanguard Princess' on Steam.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013 22:58

"Sword Art Online fone" Scheduled for a global release this December! Featured

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Install the world of Aincrad onto your Android Smartphone. A totally new experience unlike any other phone app or game you’ve ever seen...
The second release of the groundbreaking character Android Smartphone application [Anifone].

Enter the world of Aincrad on your Android Smartphone Sword Art Online, the anime title that has become a major hit not only in Japan but around the world, is now coming to the fans on the [Sword Art Online fone], an original application scheduled to be released globally in December. [Sword Art Online fone] uses the new generation [fone] interface that can fully customize existing Android Smartphones completely from the home screen to the design of the tools. Your Android Smartphone will transform into the world of Sword Art Online with one simple installation. Enjoy a whole new experience unlike any other application or game you have ever seen. Meet new friends and comrades in this virtual world, and level them up as you use your Android Smartphone every day. The Key to log out from Aincrad is in your hands!

Sunday, 03 November 2013 21:26

Vanguard Princess Is Voted Into Steam's Digital Marketplace Featured

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San Francisco, California — October, 30nd 2013 — eigoMANGA announces that the game 'Vanguard Princess' has been voted into Steam by it's community members. Within 9 days since the game was submitted to Steam Greenlight, over 39,000 Steam community members logged on to cast their votes for 'Vanguard Princess'. The game is now slated for a Winter 2013 release on Steam's global digital marketplace.

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