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“Phantom of the Kill” Announces a Jam-packed Fall — With Phantom of the School Chapters 3 & 4, Halloween Panic! 2017 Event and Much More! Featured

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Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, California – October 10, 2017 (PDT) – gumi Inc. and Fuji&gumi Games announced that the global version of Phantom of the Kill, which is available in North America and Europe countries on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, today released Chapter 3 of the ongoing Phantom of the School event. Additionally, the “Halloween Panic! 2017” event is set to start on October 12.

■ Phantom of the School Chapters 3 and 4

Following last month’s Chapter 1 and 2 releases, Phantom of the School Chapter 3 ”The Heated Sports Festival!” is now available.

Chapter 3 Story

A sports festival will be held between the three schools. As instructed by the director, you must visit the Yake Castle Academy, attended by the most lively students in the city. There, you meet two troubled students and hustle to help resolve their issues.

Standing in your way, however, is a certain silver-haired girl…

Chapter 4 is scheduled to be released in late October. Immerse yourself in the boisterous school life of our Killer Princesses in Phantom of the School!

■ A new Halloween unit joins the roster! Plus, previous Halloween units are back!

Shu (Halloween version) can now be recruited starting October 12. Last year’s Halloween units also return in their 6-star capable forms. Form the coolest and most powerful Halloween team!

■ Get magnificent rewards from Halloween Panic!

A rerun of the Halloween Panic! Event Quest will start on October 12, which now features a 6-star capable Gambanteinn as an obtainable unit!

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