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Phantom of the Kill Kicks Off Phantom of the School Event Featured

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Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, California – September 7, 2017 (PDT) –gumi Inc. and Fuji&gumi Games today announced that the global version of Phantom of the Kill, released in North America and in 121 countries throughout Europe in the Google Play Store and 138 countries in the iOS App Store in May 2016, will hold "Phantom of the School," a new event that features an alternate story themed around “school life.”

New Setting: An Academic City

The story is set neither in Terra nor Elysium, but in an alternate world – an academic city composed of three girls' schools attended by Killer Princesses you have known for a long time. What awaits you there are interactions with the Killer Princesses, cultural and sports festivals, and other school activities! And, what ulterior motives of the director are to be revealed?

Eldritch inhabiting the hearts of Killer Princesses!?

You have been invited by the director (Dulyn) and commanded to suppress the Eldritch lurking inside the female students’ hearts. Purify the negative emotions caused by the Eldritch and help bring back pleasant school life to our Killer Princesses!

Tyrfing(Voiced by Sora Amamiya)

A mysterious lovely maiden, who you are searching for despite the loss of your memories. It is unknown which school she goes to, and the same could be said for her purpose.

Chapter 1 “The School Semester Begins!” Story Quest

The first chapter of Phantom of the School’s story, “The School Semester Begins!” is now available. In this first installment, you become good friends with Yagrush and Gridarvol during your life on campus. One day, Yagrush comes to seek your and Gridarvol’s advice about how she wants to make up with her older sister. She decides to follow through with Gridarvol’s suggestion to join the upcoming beach event with her sister, but things do not seem to go as planned on the day of the event. More chapters are scheduled to be rolled out in the future. With its different twist to the game’s main tale, Phantom of the School’s story is something you should not miss!

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