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Pics and Anime Expo 2011 Masquerade Movie and Torrent Featured

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Oh, where to begin. Well first, the TFA Cosplay is now up and fully operational, so go over there and check out the pics from AM2 and Anime Expo 2011. As always, if you're one of the cosplayers and want a raw and/or unedited JPG version of the pics in question, send me a message and I'll make it available.

We have several new offerings to share with you. First up, our very own Youtube channel. It's small right now, but it'll grow in time. I'll only be putting up previews on this channel right now, due to the 15 minute movie limitation. Given the limitations of Youtube, I've also begun the process of utilizing a feature of this site I know my firebreathing counterpart has been wondering if I'd ever take advantage of. Yes, I'm a procrastinator from the lower depths of Hell.

In any event, turn your attention to this page on Dragon's Anime where I have uploaded the Anime Expo 2011 Masquerade to be streamed right to your browser. Given the limitations of this technology, it's not the best resolution one could hope for, but it does the job. We've also broken that 3.5 hour presentation into four much easier to digest chunks.

Finally, for you quality nuts out there (I've not forgotten you) we have the far better and larger version of this show for torrenting here at Nyaa Torrents, who I thank profusely for their tracker.

To one and all, enjoy!

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