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PMX 2011 Ladies of Tenchi Muyo Movies Featured

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Well folks, after some bit of procrastination, I've finally got the Ladies of Tenchi Muyo's appearances at PMX transcoded and up for viewing, both the Fan Q&A Session and the Press Q&A Session which you can see now by clicking on their respective links.

For those that crave higher definition, I give you the torrents for the Fan Q&A Session and the Press Q&A Session as hosted by Nyaa Torrents.

Pictures should likely be going up in a couple of days. We weren't there for too long, but what we do have we'll share as we always have. It was a lot of fun being there and meeting these ladies in person; those of us at this site pretty much started out as uuber fans of this series, and it was a wonderful thing to go back and share some memories with them. Check them out and I hope you have as much fun watching as we did recording it.

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