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Anime Expo & Fanime Pics... Oh, and the FFML too Featured

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Here recently, the Fanfiction Mailing List, also known as the FFML, has opened its doors to pretty much all animation, sci fi, and fantasy stories, noting that their writers for Ranma and Sailor Moon have pretty much dried up and gone on to bigger and better things. A new website is also in the works, and I for one say about damn time.

I'll get to a write up of Anime Expo 2006 and Fanime 2006 in due time. However, I'm going to post up the pictures I took on my own website which can be found at Tenchi Fanart, as well as pics from other conventions. This year, I'm not going to make an attempt at a writeup for all the pics (I'm taking far too many to make that possible anymore), but the ones that have stories will certainly be told in due time. Also, for the geek in those of you, this is the new camera that was used this year; and believe me, I LOVE this thing.

Click here to discuss the Fanime and Anime Expo Pics. CLOSED

Click here to discuss the opening of the FFML to more content. CLOSED

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