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Anime Expo Masquerade 2008 version 2 Featured

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There was a slight sync problem in the original release of the Masquerade around the middle of the file which forced me to go back and recreate it. Around this time, Pinnacle in every version that I used decided to start malfunctioning. Basically the transition fades I was trying to place in the file would either just plain flat out not work, pixelate, or turn green when they were supposed to fade out and in.

This turned out to be a known problem with certain video cards and drivers. I didn't want to replace my video card for one that might or might not work, so I looked for alternatives. Avidemux turned out to be completely useless in this regard. It had the fades I needed, but every time I tried to implement them, it would require that I'd transcode the file into something else which resulted in my audio and video being out of sync...again. Apparently the nice folks at Avidemux didn't allow for the possibility that someone would need to add effects without transcoding the file. Next up was Sony Vegas...a product I've had less than success with in the past. It fixed the file sync problems and transitions, but its new problem was that it was incapable of putting together all six streams of video that I had together without breaking the file. I wound up having to encode each stream separately, then put them together with a product called Yamb. Finally...after a number of weeks, I give you version 2 of the Anime Expo Masquerade.

This version is a higher quality with several transitions that make the slight jitter that results from the dropped frames when the camera switches from one stream to another more bearable. I've also made it slightly bigger. With the higher quality and size, I've nearly doubled the size of the file so this one will take a bit to download.

Any questions or concerns, raise them up in the forums. CLOSED

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