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Anime Expo 2010 Battle of the Bands Now Torrenting Featured

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Greetings one and all. Originally I was going to do a review of Ladies vs. Butlers, but the whole thing eventually devolved into two words: Softcore Porn. It was obvious I was going to need to be in a slightly inebriated frame of mind for that one. Next up was Fate - Stay/Night's Unlimited Blade Works movie. However, I kept on weeping blood and spitting bile calling the producers various names synonymous with 'coward', so I'm probably going to need to calm down a bit before I type out 280kb of text stating what utter losers the producers were for the whole Rin thing, but I digress. Given all that I figured I should probably encode the rest of the video that I can. Then I catch a nice little cold.

Anyway, after suffering from both illness and technical difficulties as my Windows machine decides it's had enough of my tinkering and bluescreened every five seconds, I present to you the Anime Expo 2010 Battle of the Bands as I recorded it from my body harness. Yes, that's why it shakes so much...a few hours of maintaining that posture really does wonders for your ability to stand much less hold a camera steady.

I'm not sure if I'm ever going to have the video I need for ACEN or Anime Expo's Masquerades. I'll need to decide later if I'm going to release them incomplete like that; so it could be awhile before I get to them. Still, download and enjoy the Battle of the Bands, for it is complete and fun...if a little bit shaky, heh.

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