Wednesday, 04 January 2012 22:16

Fate Zero Anime to get US Release Featured

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Well, wasn't expecting that. It appears that Fate Zero is getting a U.S.A. release from our boys at Aniplex. Blu Ray even. Should be interesting to see how it plays out, just don't expect a dub.

Then again, I wonder if they'd get the Geneon dub actors back for this if they were considering it (they all work at Bang Zoom, so it shouldn't be that hard). More importantly, would we get an uncensored Fate Stay Night remake if this is successful, and would they dub those lines too? Ah, wouldn't that be something.

On that subject, I should look up how the new Fate Unlimited Codes did on the PSP. Still, it's not a Fate game if you can't molest the Sabre; that's all I'm saying.

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