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News from Yoshiki (X-JAPAN)-YOSHIKI CLASSICAL-Team Yoshiki Featured

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Thank you for supporting #TeamYoshiki on! Our supporters are growing every day, and fans like you are making the difference.

Because of such high demand from devoted fans, we are also creating an Official Street #TeamYoshiki! We are getting ready to start up activities, and our first project is the multi-national #YoshikiClassical World Tour!

We need everyone's help to spread the word. Please check out the link below to sign up for the Official Street #TeamYoshiki and join our mailing list for important information about how you can promote the #YoshikiWorldTour, #XJapan's upcoming events, and beyond! Your support is essential to breaking the boundaries! With your help, we can spread the beauty of music around the world. #WeAreX!!!

As Yoshiki always says, #NothingIsImpossible! Thank you for all your support!

We are X!

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