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Peter S. Beagle's "The Bridge Partner" Movie Kickstarter Closes Friday 4/11 Featured

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"The Bridge Partner" is a uniquely different Peter S. Beagle story — a psychological suspense thriller created when Neil Gaiman invited Peter to step outside the fantasy arena and write something "really special" for an anthology Neil was editing. Peter took up the challenge but missed the deadline, so "The Bridge Partner" wound up seeing first publication in Peter's 2011 collection Sleight of Hand.

Happy circumstance #1: Out of thousands of candidate stories, "The Bridge Partner" was picked to appear in the prestigious Best American Mysteries 2012 anthology, published by Harper Collins.

Happy circumstance #2: Last year Gabriel Olsen and Sean Barney, two LA-based filmmakers with a string of cool commercials to their credit, decided to make a short film which they hoped they could subsequently turn into a feature. Looking for a powerful story to adapt, Gabriel and Sean — neither of whom was familiar with Peter's work — picked up Best American Mysteries 2012 and fell madly in love with "The Bridge Partner." It was dark and challenging and disturbing and featured two incredibly strong female characters...exactly what they wanted to do.

Last month, with Peter's blessing and all their prep work behind them (plus lots of their own money invested in the project), they turned to Kickstarter to try and raise the rest of their bare-minimum shooting budget.

Happy circumstance #3: The project funded in 12 days!

But here's the thing. That was their bare minimum budget. Sean and Gabriel would really like to take this project a lot farther, and make it even more incredible.

Which is where all of Peter's fans come in.

The Bridge Partner Kickstarter closes in just three days: Friday 4/11, at 6 PM Pacific Time. Right now there are 261 backers, and $25,248 pledged. But Gabriel and Sean are still short of their stretch goal of $28,000. That extra cash would allow them to add an additional shoot day. And if even more money can be raised...well, if that happens then the final film will be even more spectacular.

Bizarrely enough, despite having written many screenplays and having lots of options on his books and stories over the year, only ONE of Peter's original tales has ever made it to the screen: The Last Unicorn. When "The Bridge Partner" is filmed there will finally be a #2.(!)

Peter obviously wants this short film to be as great as possible. And he wants this Kickstarter to shine, because success here will help bust down Hollywood's doors and get even more of his stories and books turned into films at last.

So! PLEASE GO TO THE BRIDGE PARTNER KICKSTARTER AS SOON AS YOU CAN. It's as easy as clicking on the previous sentence. Watch the videos. Look at the storyboards posted there. Read Gabriel's and Sean's plans for their production. Check out the cool pledge gifts that are being offered. And if you love what you see, or just love Peter S. Beagle's work and want to see more great things come of it, then pledge something — even if the stretch goal has already been reached.

Here's the math: If everyone getting this newsletter pledged the minimum allowable $1, then "The Bridge Partner" would blow through the stretch goal and nearly double its original planned budget. And if you all donated just $5 each, the final shooting budget would wind up being more than $100,000...and believe it, that kind of last-minute financial surge would wake up executives at every Hollywood studio, because they watch what's happening on Kickstarter like hawks. A boost like that, all by itself, could make them start jumping on the Peter S. Beagle bandwagon.

So please go, look, enjoy, help if you can, and definitely spread the word. We've only got a little time left to raise a ruckus on Peter's behalf.

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