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Last Unicorn Audiobook/Two Hearts Update March 2014 Featured

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For everyone who has been waiting so patiently, we have a spectacular announcement. Despite being deeply buried in his work on Peter Jackson's ever-expanding Hobbit movies, famed artist-designer John Howe is nearly finished with his special pencil illustrations for our fancy Two Hearts hardcover. If he continues to turn them in at the current pace, then this long-awaited project and The Last Unicorn audiobook will be ready before the end of the summer, and released as soon as they come in from their respective manufacturing sources.

When you see the amazing work John had done, Peter and Connor hope you'll agree with them that it was worth the extra wait. (For evidence just take a look, above, at John's beautiful/eerie Midnight Wood drawing.)


After two months off the road so Peter could focus on finishing his newest novel, The Last Unicorn Screening Tour kicks off again with a special 11 AM matinee show tomorrow, Sunday April 6th, at the Del Mar Theater in Santa Cruz, California. (Click here to buy tickets.) And, of course, Peter will stay as long as it takes after the show to meet everyone and sign things.

It is particularly appropriate for the tour to set out again from this venue, because back in the '60s Peter wrote most of The Last Unicorn while living near Santa Cruz. All three of his kids are still there, so if you are anywhere nearby, and have the time, come join Peter and his family at the show!


We are thrilled to report that The Last Unicorn Screening Tour is heading north this month to start a special five-week-long Cross-Canada Tour sponsored by Front Row Centre Events, part of Canada's largest theater chain, Cineplex.

From April 17th through May 21st Peter and Connor will be in 24 different locations all the way from Victoria, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia, putting on at least 29 different special Last Unicorn screenings — and maybe more, if enough of Peter's Canadian fans get the word and buy tickets. Here are the dates, current times, and locations, with links (as available) for online ticket sales:

Thursday April 17, 7 PM
SilverCity Victoria Cinemas – Victoria, BC
click here to buy tickets

Sunday April 20, 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas – Vancouver, BC
click here to buy tickets

Monday April 21, 7 PM
SilverCity Coquitlam & VIP Cinemas – Coquitlam, BC
click here to buy tickets

Tuesday April 22, 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon Aberdeen Mall Cinemas – Kamloops, BC
click here to buy tickets

Wednesday April 23, 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton Cinemas – Edmonton, AB
click here to buy tickets

Thurs April 24, 7 PM
Galaxy Cinemas Sherwood Park – Edmonton, AB
click here to be notified when online ticket sales begin

Saturday April 26, 4 PM
Galaxy Cinemas Red Deer – Red Deer, AB
click here to be notified when online ticket sales begin

Sunday April 27, 4 PM & 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon Crowfoot Crossing Cinemas – Calgary, AB
click here to buy tickets

Monday April 28, 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon Westhills Cinemas – Calgary, AB
click here to be notified when online ticket sales begin

Wednesday April 30, 7 PM
Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge – Lethbridge, AB
click here to buy tickets

Thursday May 1, 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon Centre Cinemas – Saskatoon, SK CANADA
click here to be notified when online ticket sales begin

Sunday May 4, 4 PM & 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon Southland Cinemas – Regina, SK CANADA
click here to buy tickets

Monday May 5, 7 PM
SilverCity St. Vital Cinemas – Winnipeg, MB
click here to be notified when online ticket sales begin

Wednesday May 7, 7 PM
SilverCity Thunder Bay Cinemas – Thunder Bay, ON
click here to buy tickets

Thursday May 8, 7 PM
SilverCity Sudbury Cinemas – Sudbury, ON
click here to buy tickets

Saturday May 10, 4 PM & 7 PM
Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas – Toronto, ON
click here to buy tickets

Sunday May 11, 4 PM & 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon Westmount & VIP Cinemas – London, ON
click here to buy tickets

Monday May 12, 7 PM
SilverCity Hamilton Mountain Cinemas – Hamilton, ON
click here to buy tickets

Wednesday May 14, 7 PM
Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas – Kingston, ON
click here to buy tickets

Thursday May 15, 7 PM
Cineplex Cinemas Ottawa – Ottawa, ON
click here to be notified when online ticket sales begin

Saturday May 17, 4 PM
SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas – Gloucester, ON
click here to buy tickets

Sunday May 18, 4 PM & 7 PM
Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Forum – Montreal, QB
click here to buy tickets

Tuesday May 20, 7 PM
Cineplex Cinemas Saint John – Saint John, NB
click here to buy ticket

Wednesday May 21, 7 PM
Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane – Halifax, NS
click here to buy tickets

For more information and additional online ticket links as they become available, go to either or

Peter will also be doing readings, and signing at a table in the Dealer's Room, at Fan Expo Vancouver (April 18-20), most of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (April 24-27), and Fan Expo Regina (May 3-4).

If you are a Canadian Last Unicorn fan, please come join us in making our trek across your country a special one. And if you aren't a Canadian Last Unicorn fan, but know people in Canada who might be interested, please let them know we're coming!


1) At every Canadian show we will need volunteer help in the form of at least two Official Roustabouts. If you'd like to have fun and work a little in return for free movie tickets and some other thank-you presents, please email our volunteer coordinator, Chris Rickert, at and let her know you are interested.

2) Whenever possible on the road, Peter and Connor like to stay with friends and fans instead of bunking down in hotels or motel rooms. It's a heck of a lot more interesting, that's for sure — and it saves money, which doesn't hurt either, since Peter and Connor are putting the Tour together without any major outside funding. So if you live in or near any of the cities on the Canadian Tour list above, and have overnight crash space for three people, please email Connor at and let him know.


Thanks to Cineplex's help in putting the Canadian tour together — and let's have a shout-out right now for the wonderful Front Row Centre Events team: Brad LaDouceur, Matt DeVuono, Amanda Cacciatore, and Lydia Gilmour — we're able to put two special commemorative items together for the Canadian Tour. One will be available at the start of the tour, and the other will come out (for reasons which will be obvious in a moment) after it finishes. They are:

A SPECIAL LAST UNICORN "ONE-SHEET" MOVIE POSTER, measuring 27" x 39.5", with gorgeous art by Joy Ang of Edmonton (see above). These will be for sale at every screening, signed by Peter. We will also take online and email orders for signed and unsigned copies until the end of May, though shipping on those will have to wait until the tour leg itself is over. After the end of May no more copies will be printed, so this one is going to be a collector's item! At shows the poster price will be a flat $10. Online and email orders will be $15 unsigned and $25 signed, plus shipping. Email to make sure and reserve a copy (and please tell us which show you expect to be at if you want to pick yours up in person).

AN EXTRA-FANCY COMMEMORATIVE LAST UNICORN HARDCOVER, containing the full text of Peter's novel plus a bunch of extras to make it uniquely Canadian, such as: cover art by Joy Ang, Canadian Tour Map endpapers, a maple leaf/unicorn design debossed in the binding's cover, a special essay about The Last Unicorn from Canadian academic/media critic Carlen Lavigne, Peter's personal Canadian tour diary, and a gallery of color and b&w photographs taken on the tour (including all the coolest audience costumes!). Also, if you reserve your copy at a Canadian screening, the one that you attended will be marked with a special star. This book will obviously not come out until after the tour is over because we won't have all the extra material in hand until then. The price for this special hardcover will be $50 plus shipping, or $40 plus shipping for Last Unicorn Screening Tour members. PLEASE NOTE: Prior to publication we're only taking reservations, not payment. Money will be collected only when the book goes to press in July. ALSO NOTE: We're only going to print as many copies as people pay for when we go to press, so this edition will be extremely limited. If you don't reserve and then pay for a copy before the run is printed, you probably won't be able to get one. Email to get your name on the list, and please let us know how many copies you will want.

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