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Utawarerumono Review

Alright folks, here's a new review that's been waiting in the wings; it's it's Utawarerumono, based on the Tactical RPG Eroge of the same name.  Join Hakuro and his friends in what I think stands of great chance of becoming this generation's classic fantasy anime.  I'll let my review speak for itself on what I think, so enjoy.  As always, you can find a conversation thread on the forums as well. CLOSED

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Thursday, 19 October 2006 00:00

Utawarerumono (TV, 2006)


As I mentioned in my first Dragon's Den article, there's been a recent trend of Eroge to Anime conversions coming out of Japan, and that they have, for the most part, been very good series. Today I'm taking a look at one of this summer's releases, which just wrapped up last week, Utawarerumono, or The One Being Sung. Uta follows the life of a man with amnesia and a silver, horned mask that he can not remove as he wakes up in the care of the village elder Tsusukuru, and her two granddaughters, Eruru and Aruru. It seems that Eruru found him laying unconscious in the forest after an earthquake, and brought him to her grandmother, who is a widely known healer. Needless to say, it doesn't take long for events to be set into motion that are sure to shatter that apparent peacefulness of their existence.

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