This week marks the first appearance of the Dragon's Anime previews section. Unlike reviews, the previews section will deal with first impressions of the first couple episodes of a series, sort of a heads up for people that are looking for something new to try. The first preview is for the new series Tactical Roar, produced by Studio A-Cat and Bandai Visual. In addition, I've also moved the Hellsing Ultimate review over into previews.

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Sunday, 23 April 2006 00:00

Tactical Roar (TV, 2006)


Now, here's an admittedly less than original idea on the outset. What happens if you take a naval battleship 'manned' entirely by women... and drop a single, quiet young man on it? And, being that this is an anime crew, it's a given that the girls aren't going to be your average rank and file members of the navy - especially given that this is actually what amounts to a mercenary ship. Thus we have the crew of the Pascal Magi, including their newest member, Hyousuke. A heavy, though outdated by the standards of Tactical Roar's world, destroyer class vessel hired out by the Haru-Nico Insurance Agency. So why, you might ask, does an insurance agency have a need for a heavy destroyer? Things are a little different in the world of Tactical Roar, with the major problem being a massive hurricane over the Pacific called the Grand Roar. This hurricane is so large that it is self-supporting and stationary. The power it displays has altered wind and pressure currents on a global scale, making air travel considerably more difficult, and so a second naval age has begun.

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