Thursday, 09 October 2014 19:58

Yuushibu Review (TV, 2014)


The Evil Overlord has been defeated, and peace is restored; huzzah! Cupcakes for everyone! Except your whole damn economy is geared towards that fight, and the Mao of Maoyuu was not the big bad to save your ass. Heroes and soldiers are now out of work, and the ones training to be such are, if they're lucky, relegated to flipping burgers. No one will buy the super expensive equipment anymore; what would be the point? So shitloads of epic gear winds up in landfills. Basically, life stinks, but it could have been worse for former aspiring Hero, Raul Chaser, who winds up at a Magic Shop called Leon. At least he has a job, and while it's not what he envisioned, the work is good, the people are good, and the pay is decent. Again not optimal, but least until this strange person comes by asking for the manager. A manager who immediately employs this individual and put him in charge of training them. Problem is who this person winds up being and why the manager did what she did, which will cause him a universe full of problems and turn this man's worldview inside and out.

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Thursday, 08 October 2009 13:55

Canaan Fire

What happens when you take a girl that has the ability to see emotion and intent as a person's colored aura, and teach her how to kill practically before she's out of diapers? If you're lucky, you get committed to an asylum before being dumb enough to unleash the wraith of a woman scorned on the world, but if not, you get Canaan, the titular character of the series I'm reviewing this time… err, Canaan. Join her on a little tour of just how dark and nasty the world can really be, and see if Canaan is worth you taking a look at. At least there's some huge meat buns to be had…

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Friday, 03 April 2009 16:24

Tytania review from Anyaku

A little treat for all our readers, we have a new article from Anyaku in the form of a review for the anime Tytania. An interesting little space opera apprently, and given this review, I may well give it another try.

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Friday, 03 April 2009 16:12

Tytania (TV, 2008)


This reviewer just finished the TV anime series Tytania. I watched the HQ release as fansubbed by ANBU and posted for torrenting. The series is based on novels published in Japan, not generally available outside Japan. I had no access to the novels, and my review is based entirely on the content of the torrented material.

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Sunday, 22 February 2009 02:07

Allison & Lilia (TV, 2008)


Every once in awhile, I find myself looking for something a bit lighter in nature than my usual tastes when it comes to anime. Now, considering that I've found my tastes running from being oddly entertained by Jane & the Dragon all the way to Zenescape's Grimm Fairy Tales and Return to Wonderland series – which is a long way of saying really fucked up shit – that might not be saying very much. Anybody that can swing from the insulin attack inducing brain-numbing mindless teach the kiddies morals that is Jane & the Dragon to "let's take McFarlane's Alice and make it look like a positive place to put those kiddies" Return to Wonderland is already bucking for a section 8. That aside, when I caught the first episode of Allison & Lillia and saw a fairly harmless series foundation, I figured it'd do for a light hearted series to watch in a season with Macross Frontier and Golgo 13.

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Tuesday, 09 September 2008 22:13

Golgo 13 Review

No, your eyes don't deceive you, I'm actually still alive. Nobody's taken a hit out on my life - not that I'm aware of, anyway. That said, I've got a good candidate for them if they really wanna try, because this week I'm taking a look at the Golgo 13 TV series. This guy's got more hits than the RIAA's ever dreamed of exploiting, and his favorite instrument is an M16. He'll be glad to play taps for anybody willing to pony up his price of 3 mil, but I doubt that his target audience will be too thrilled with the performance. Feel like taking out an ad for the bad puns? Swing by the forums and let me know. CLOSED

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Friday, 28 December 2007 22:11

ef Review

-Sniffle-  Sorry, don't mind me.  I'm just drowning under a flood of the warm'n'fuzzies right now.  Why?  Well, that's the subject of tonight's addition, a review of ef - a tale of memories.  What do you get when you take a two part eroge game and turn them into a single anime series?  ;_;  One of the single most awesome series I've ever seen, that's what.  Want to know more?  Read the reviewFeel free to discuss too CLOSED, because I'm feeling rather ferclempt at the moment... I need to go watch Hellraiser or something, all this good natured lovey dovey sad ending stuff is going to be the death of me.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2007 21:24

WoU - Day 2: Kaibutsu Oujo

And here we go with Day 2, actually ON day 2 this time; it's a review of the first of two Princess anime series, Kaibutsu Oujo. Have you ever wanted to find out what it's like to be able to die repeatedly in a single day, and just keep getting up for more? Well, Hiro certainly never asked for that particular brand of masochism, but that's just what he's got as he does what he can to protect Hime, and keep from getting his scrawny little ass from being another round of monster-chow. Wonder what Ash would think of Hime...

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Tuesday, 28 August 2007 00:00

Kaibutsu Oujo (TV, 2007)


There's an old proverb that goes something like this: "No good deed goes unpunished." Sort of the bane of all Boy Scouts, but it can be, at times, remarkably accurate... Sometimes, the good deed just plain ain't worth the trouble that follows in its wake. Consider, if you will, the main character in Kaibutsu Oujo, Hiro Hiyorimi. Hiro lives up to the homonym of his name... and winds up dead for taking the trouble. Like I said, "No good deed goes unpunished." Unfortunately for our dearly departed hero, the punishment is only just beginning... he does, though, make for a very nice corpse.

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Wednesday, 03 May 2006 00:00

Rozen Maiden Träumend (TV, 2005)


Following the ending of the first season of Rozen Maiden, the 5th doll of the Maiden's, Shinku, formerly flush with her victory over Suigin Tou now finds herself wracked with guilt over destroying a sister. Unfortunately, the final two Rozen Maidens have been awoken to finish what was started centuries ago when Rozen first created the Maidens: The Alice Game. The game by which the dolls will do battle until only one remains. The winner takes the loser's Roza Mystica, the very source of the life of the dolls; leaving the loser a soulless immobile husk. And when there is only one left, that doll will then have the power to become Alice; the perfect girl, flawless and unblemished, more sublime than any flower, and more pure than even the purest of gems. Though the remaining dolls have no intention of killing each other for this ideal, Bara Suisho, the final doll, has other plans.

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