A little while ago I had written an essay noting the dramatic increase in couples of all sorts in otakudom, as opposed to the wasteland it was only eight or so years ago in that regard. So many I see seem very happy, and would probably do anything and everything to hold onto what they have found; what has been denied them for so long. Like one who has been thirsty all his life being given a drink of water, like a man who has subsisted on scraps and rotting hunks of flesh being served a well done steak; many are like abused animals in that regard, at least at first. However, though the, initial 'neediness' of it fades as those needs are now being fulfilled, the memory of that lack stays with the one who was denied always. It's something the fanboy (or fangirl, but I hope to convince a fangirl to write a companion piece to this article) would do damn near anything to avoid; the problem is, by doing so, it opens one up to something that is just as bad with the very real potential of getting worse.

Here I take a break from discussing the fandom in general to address something a little more personal and serious; that being some things a fanboy should watch out for while courting a fangirl. This may especially be important if this is the first real relationship the fanboy has been in, and could use a little advice if he feels something's just not right.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2006 22:49

A Fandom Evolution

So, here's an interesting tidbit that slapped me in the head here recently.

I was at Fanime here a bit ago, and the situation that struck me was this:

Tuesday, 13 June 2006 22:26

RoaDLM: Epiphanies at Conventions

Whilst walking through Fanime bright and cheery, I stumbled across a fangirl lovely and pretty. Her boyfriend hovered o'er her dark and blearly, from the bounds of hell, did he seem quite leary, of the fanboy attention she did receive. Pausing not to wonder why my meter is now askew, epiphany struck like morning dew. So here are my words to give it definition; dear brave souls, we have become transcendant in our mission.

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