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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Review

High kicks, fanservice, and the fight between good and evil are the results of the review for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in the Anime Reviews section.

Though there was no goth girl with a planet destroying pole arm, rejoice! For her sacrifice was not in vain! Greeting us is a fantastic story, somewhat similar, but at the same time, very different than what it was based on.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (TV, 2003)


Do I have to? I mean, honestly, for Sailor Moon?! Very well, if I must. From the Depths of a Hell Dimension come the long exiled forces of the Dark Kindom led by Queen Beryl and her four generals to subjugate and consume the planet of Earth. The only thing standing between us and total annhilation are the powers of five...okay, five and a half untested girls: Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Luna, and Sailor Moon. And who knows, they might be able to do it too, if they can get their act together, work as a team, balance relationships with the opposite sex, and get all their school work done. Sorry, no goth girl with a planet destroying polearm this time unfortunately.

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