Tuesday, 30 March 2010 14:35

Yotsuba&! (Manga,2010)


…actually, yeah. This is one of those that just work better if I skip to the review.

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Tuesday, 12 December 2006 22:04

Maburaho(TV 2003-2004)


Hot on the heals of the Harry Potter craze, we have a few anime trying to cash in on the wizardry school phenomenon. When they start with the psychokinetic powers let me know...oh wait, there's Psychic Academy, terrible shame about that anime, but anyway.... This story is about ye ol typical-anime-spineless-wuse-with-lots-of-power(tm) who is going to wizarding school. He's bad at just about everything, except that he's supposedly descended from a long line of incredibly powerful wizards (and if you look closely, one of them is H. Potter...yeah right sure) which means he's got the genes to produce some of the most powerful wizards of all time. Enter 3 girls who are just the ones to cash in on this little treasure trove: The 'main' girl Yuuna, Kuriko the busty rich blonde, and Rin the traditional Japanese girl...who just happens to be a samurai type as well. There's a fourth, but...ehh.... Can we say typical harem anime? Sure we can.

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Thursday, 19 October 2006 12:39

Utawarerumono Review

Alright folks, here's a new review that's been waiting in the wings; it's it's Utawarerumono, based on the Tactical RPG Eroge of the same name.  Join Hakuro and his friends in what I think stands of great chance of becoming this generation's classic fantasy anime.  I'll let my review speak for itself on what I think, so enjoy.  As always, you can find a conversation thread on the forums as well. CLOSED

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Wednesday, 11 October 2006 23:19

Innocent Venus Review

Well, I'm finally back - more or less - and this week it's with a review of the Mecha series Innocent Venus. Join Jin, Jo, and Sakura as they try to keep one step ahead of the military machine that wants to claim Sakura for their own plots and plans. A reasonably high recommendation for those that like good action, drama and characters. Saddle up, and read on!

As always, you're welcome to share your opinion of the review, too. CLOSED

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Monday, 10 July 2006 15:35

Kiba Review

This week it's a preview of the companion battler series Kiba, a mostly fantasy story that's making a good run at being a decent series.  While far from the best of recent releases, I'm happy to report that it's an enjoyable distraction, and seems to be getting better over time.  If you want to discuss the series, or discuss the preview, take a look at their discussion threads! CLOSED

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Wednesday, 19 April 2006 23:15

Hellsing Ultimate Review & AMG TV Season 2

This week the new review is on the first episode of Hellsing Ultimate, the new OVA series based heavilly on the original manga. With an entirely different feel to it than the TV series, this is sure to be a hit with fans and newcomers alike!

In other news, we'd like to point out that the second season of Ah! My Goddess! - Sorezore no Tsubasa - has started showing in Japan, and once again Anime One and AnimeYuki are doing the subbing! Fans of the series should check out AnimeYuki's site for torrents.

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Thursday, 12 January 2006 22:45

Onegai Teacher x2, Ushio & Tora

New reviews are up! First we have two reviews of Onegai Teacher, one from K`thardin and one from me. A review of Ushio and Tora has been added as well.

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