Sunday, 13 March 2011 17:13

I Grow...Weary...My Goddess.

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Recently, and to little fanfare, I found on your usual torrent sites, while looking for episodes of Magical Girl Homicide (otherwise known as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, heh, heh, heh) a torrent of something called Ah! My Goddess! Together Forever. After vowing eternal revenge to the coiners of that name for putting that Rick Astley song in my head, and wondering how long it was going to take someone to put the scenes of this OVA into a music video to that song, I, of course, clicked download.

I admit, I found myself looking forward to spending time with my friends in Ah! My Goddess! again. Everyone seemed to be reprising their roles again, the stars of which, Aya Hisakawa as Skuld, Yumi Tôma as Urd, and of course, Masami Kikuchi as Keiichi, and the lovely Kikuko Inoue as Belldandy. Each one of these voice actors have given life to the characters they portray in such an iconic manner, especially Belldandy, that they have been tapped for their voices in just about every iteration of the animated series that has been produced, except ironically Belldandy for the first 13 episodes of The Adventures of the Minigoddesses who was there voiced by Akemi Okamura due to Kikuko Inoue's pregnancy.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011 13:32

Mayhem's Winter 2011 Sac Anime Report

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Sac-Anime is a semi-annual 3 day Anime convention in Sacramento, California which began in 2005 as an extension of the quarterly Sac-Con comic Convention. I attended Saturday at both Sac-Anime Summer 2010 and Winter 2011.

Thursday, 02 September 2010 19:53

Anime Expo 2010 Report

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Holy shit, folks…they actually managed to actually HAVE an Anime Expo despite some of the serious shit that led up to this year's show. For a round up of that situation, I'll repost part of a news item from a few months ago so you can refresh your memory on this bit of drama:

Thursday, 24 June 2010 19:37

Fanime 2010 Report

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Oh Fanime, why do you happen so close to ACEN to torment me so?

Fanime is supposed to be the chill out convention, the one where you just hang loose, go do stuff, and typically have a restful and fun time. This was not the case this year, and I think it started when Mayhem suggested we go to the Black and White Ball. I readily agreed, not exactly enjoying the sausage feast of the adult only dance of last year. This, of course, would necessitate a certain amount of preparation both before (in the form of getting my suit together) and during the convention (in the form of dance lessons). Sounds like a fun way to break up the con a bit.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 17:02

Anime Central 2010 Report

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It started when I was being driven to the airport in some rent-a-shuttle you booked for a flight at early hours that should be outlawed or at least protested on a weekly basis, while feeling the effects of a cold just starting that I hoped in vain to whatever god I worshiped isn't a cold just starting make that dry scratchy feeling in the back of my throat. Bus driver was blessedly silent as I alternated between staying awake, silent religious supplication, and waiting for the drugs I took before I boarded to kick in. There's also this vague nagging suspicion that in my haste to get everything together, coupled with the pain I'm presently feeling, that I forgot something maddeningly important. Quick mental checks are not possible; haven't had anyone hit my turbo button yet by mainlining me with a Monster energy drink or even some of the finest brewed Columbian lighter fluid. What items I have high pri on my list, that which makes what I do possible at conventions; I do manage to confirm are in my possession before hitting San Diego International.

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