Wednesday, 13 June 2007 23:25

Fanime 2007...the year of Anime Hell

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Ah, Fanime 2007. This year, the plan was to attend the convention for a full two days. Fortunately this year I had everything prepared well in advance, requiring only the purchase of a couple of 80/120 minute tapes for the video taping of the Masquerade. Having done this two weeks earlier, I had absolutely no problems in leaving for Ceres to spend a day with Mayhem before heading up to the convention. We watched Pirates that night…f’n great movie, I thought.

Thursday, 26 April 2007 23:38

Warning Signs in Relationships for the Fanboy

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A little while ago I had written an essay noting the dramatic increase in couples of all sorts in otakudom, as opposed to the wasteland it was only eight or so years ago in that regard. So many I see seem very happy, and would probably do anything and everything to hold onto what they have found; what has been denied them for so long. Like one who has been thirsty all his life being given a drink of water, like a man who has subsisted on scraps and rotting hunks of flesh being served a well done steak; many are like abused animals in that regard, at least at first. However, though the, initial 'neediness' of it fades as those needs are now being fulfilled, the memory of that lack stays with the one who was denied always. It's something the fanboy (or fangirl, but I hope to convince a fangirl to write a companion piece to this article) would do damn near anything to avoid; the problem is, by doing so, it opens one up to something that is just as bad with the very real potential of getting worse.


A succubus is both an interesting and beautiful creature, but they can also be quite hazardous. Among lonely fantasy story loving men, typically, they are only second in popularity to a catgirl. They reasons for which are quite obvious to all, but the most obtuse. They have bodies that redefine perfection; coming in shapes and sizes to fit any and all preferences, not to mention an insatiable need for sex, and often a giving and loving nature no matter what you might look like. They are the perfect fantasy come to life; how could they not be desirable? For this, they are highly sought after; however, there are pitfalls associated with a succubus that could take a man unawares, often fatally so, should he not first prepare himself as previously noted. It is here in this guide the education that will ensure both your survival and your happiness with the succubus will begin. Keep in mind, it will only be a beginning. This is not the end all, be all resource for your succubus needs, and you will need to seek those other sources out. There are books, there are demons of knowledge, there are instructional videos, testimony from various men who've managed to acquire one, and most importantly the succubus herself will tell you a great deal, not just about what she is, but WHO she is...and you'll find this invaluable. For various reasons, I cannot list too many specific sources in this text, but an internet search should put you on the right track. You should at least look into consulting all of the mentioned references during your time with the girl, which could very well be the rest of your life...let's hope it will be a long one. We've all got to start somewhere, though, and first you actually have to get one, or at least be thinking of getting one...assuming one hasn't already gotten you.

Friday, 15 September 2006 22:53

Anime Expo 2006 Report

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This article has been consolidated from its original two parts into a single document for easier reading.

Anime Expo was an interesting time this year. Last year, admittedly, wasn’t all that fun, but this year, I can say I loved every minute of it…well, almost every minute; though I don’t really believe I actually accomplished all that much. Sometimes, though, those times are when you have the most fun.

Sunday, 23 July 2006 23:29

Fanime Report: 2006

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What can I really say about this convention? Hmm...I was only there for one day, so it's kind of hard to do a a full blown report on it. My tastes are more geared towards the events and experiences of a convention for reasons I'll state below.

Wednesday, 14 June 2006 22:49

A Fandom Evolution

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So, here's an interesting tidbit that slapped me in the head here recently.

I was at Fanime here a bit ago, and the situation that struck me was this:

Friday, 03 February 2006 22:34

A Brief Romp Through Tenchi Fandom History

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So who here has watched an episode of Tenchi Muyo?

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