Tuesday, 25 August 2009 21:49

Fanime 2009 Report

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I think for my next two reports, I'm going to take a different philosophy with them. Rather than a day by day report, which admittedly gets a little bit exhaustive...not to mention by this point my habits are known, I believe I shall simply talk in impressions of the convention overall.

Tuesday, 09 June 2009 18:08

Anime Central 2009 Report

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Since I had such a great time at ACEN last year, I decided to go ahead and attend this year. Like last year, I attended as a member of the Press, which enabled me to film and photograph events in ways I otherwise would not have been able to as a regular attendee. This is important when one considers how many events I've actually started filming on a regular basis at the various conventions I attend; almost all of which I've made available via bittorrent. It's irked me considerably that most of the video taken at these cons seems to disappear down a dark hole into shear nothingness, despite the number of people I see taking video…especially at the larger conventions like Anime Expo. Thankfully with the advent of Youtube and various other online video services, people are beginning to transcode and upload their videos; most famous of which is American Cosplay Paradise who has actually gone back and begun making available video from about '99 on.

Tuesday, 07 April 2009 18:25

Vae Victus Fanboy: A Harem Anime Rant

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Screw you, Masaki Kajishima! Like I wanted to watch the culmination of your years of repressed libido, manifesting in an anime where you are God, and created a universe of women to FUCK! Every guy does it, but I'll be damned if want to watch another guy doing it! And if that wasn't bad enough, you...YOU PERSONALLY...are responsible for finding this chink of pure fail in the lonely beta and omega's armor, parading it around like one would the kill from a grand hunt, which it WAS, and spawning an entire industry of imitators who distilled down your preachings to its purest form like some unholy bible at the Council of Nicaea! Okay, sure Hayashi takes half the blame for the original concept, but at least he grew the fuck out of it! Seriously dude, as if Ranma wasn't bad enough, I....

Thursday, 23 October 2008 16:54

Anime Expo 2008

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Anime Expo 2007, despite all the bands, cool guests that attended, and other goings on, can only be called one thing: an unmitigated disaster of galactic proportions. There is no escaping this, there is no denying this, there is no justifying this. Complete and utter; the destruction was phenomenal. It couldn’t have been worse had it been planned. That being said, when the new site was announced, which was the L.A. Convention center, it received the same lukewarm response that the announcement of the Disney Land Convention Center did back in ’99. In essence the, the culmination of a comedy of errors that was only funny to sick fucks like myself and possibly Megatron.

Monday, 18 August 2008 17:12

Fanime Report 2008

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Fanime 2008 was, overall, a pretty enjoyable and oddly restfull experience. I’d go so far as to say even low key. It doesn’t share the same tireless energy as ACEN, the frenzied pace of Anime Expo, or the overwhelming (even disorientating) abundance of Comic Con, but it has its share of things to do; all of which are fun. However, Fanime always has this tone of being extremely laid back, or as Gensao put it, “It’s a three day con spread over four days.” This is true, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. One doesn’t NEED to be going from place to place at mach speeds of over 9000 all the goddamn time. Sometimes it’s best to sit around and chill with a few thousand people and meander around from place to place in no particular rush. Only thing that would have made it better is if they had a bar right outside of the dealer’s hall and registration or served beer at the Maid Café. Hey, that’s an idea: a Maid wet bar. No, not wet nurse, wet bar! Sheesh, bunch of pervs out there, I swear. Wait, I’m the only one writing here. FUCK!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008 00:15

Acen 2008

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This article has been consolidated into one from its original two part format to allow for easier reading.

Anime Central 2008 was by far the absolute best convention I have ever been to.

Yes, that statement deserved its own paragraph. It was that good. Hell, it was fucking awesome…probably the most rewarding convention experience I’ve ever had. No, not quite as good as sex, but the feeling lasted far longer, heheh. I can’t say enough good things about it…I just wish I had the time to do everything I wanted to do. Outside of that, there’s really nothing I have bad to say about it.

Initially I wasn’t really planning on going to any other conventions outside of Fanime and AX until I was invited to ACEN by Cap`n_moonie from the chat channel I frequent, #TenchiFF on the aniverse network. At the time I wasn’t too sure about heading back that direction, but I checked my finances and my leave time, and found I could easily accommodate that. Also, I’d never met ol’ moonie and I was looking forward to that. Originally another member of the channel, aisu, was supposed to join us, but she was unfortunately unable to make it. It helped I wound up sharing the room with moonie and a few others so I could cut down on costs considerably…plane flights are rather expensive after all. It also helped that I had applied for a press pass and received one.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007 23:36

Transformers...More than Meets the Eye

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Let us take a moment to enjoy the irony of me posting this the day before the movie's release on video, some four months after it came out.


Okay, I'm done.

The 2007 Transformers movie was an experience I will never forget. I saw it at Anime Expo with about three thousand other screaming yelling ravenous fans, the day (in some cases only hours) before its general release in North America on July 2nd. It was a once in a lifetime event, and I'll be damned if it didn't live up to every hope and dream I've had for the Transformers mythos since I was a child watching them blow the shit out of each other on some local channel.

Thursday, 20 September 2007 23:14

Anime Expo 2007

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Originally published as four separate articles, one for each day; they were compiled into one in order to allow for continual reading.

So…Anime Expo 2007.

Yeah, that about says it all if you were there. Going through the various blogs, forums, reposted emails, and what-have-you, the consensus was pretty much on the order of: What the flying fuck, over? For my own personal experience, this year’s convention has the most unique dichotomy; it was both the very best convention I’ve been to…and the very very worst. It was so bad, in fact, that I don’t know if I’m going back next year.

My reports on Anime Expo this year are going to be broken up into a few overlapping categories. I’m going to do a day by day report, a report on the SKIN concert, a report on the Transformers movie showing, and finally, a report on all the shit that went on this year that really REALLY fucked it all to Hell.

Monday, 20 August 2007 23:18

Anime Expo 2007 Skin Concert

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This concert was weak.

There, I said it. WEAK!

This is not to say that it wasn’t enjoyable; it was…very much so. However, it suffered from some very damning flaws that stifled the enjoyment of something that so many had been waiting for, for so long: the first North American appearance of the likes of Gackt and Yoshiki in concert. Honestly, unless you were a die hardest fan of any of the newly formed Autobot gestalt team known as SKIN, there was really a lot that just plain flat out could not be forgiven, and I may well be overestimating the good will of that deadly species known as the fangirl.

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