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Cosplay =/= Consent; A Demented Little Man's Point of View

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I had a whole review planned out for our triumphant return. It was going to be equal parts glowing praise and blood soaked slaughter...well, maybe mostly blood soaked slaughter...can't believe they dropped the ball on Mao Yuusha's anime that badly. Then THIS came along...good lord, hasn't this shit burned itself out yet? Darkest before the dawn, remember that kiddies. Buckle up, we're going for a ride down this fucking rabbit hole of Cosplay =/= Consent.

Before I begin, I'll begin with a disclaimer meant to protect Dragon's Anime, TFA Cosplay, and all my compatriots: This is just me folks. This is all me, and does not in any way reflect the sites, their maintainers, or the people involved...unless one of those is me, but then, we're back to that...it's just me and my opinions. I'm also going to note this is not going to be a bandwagon rant; my opinions are generally not that of the masses, whoever they may be. This is not going to be flattering to cosplayers, probably a lot of women, attendees or even to myself, I expect. Normally, I wouldn't even bother with something that delves this deep into what I think and believe. I'm perfectly happy with being civil and keeping these type thoughts to myself. In this case, given what's going on, I can't do that...and may all the gods damn it for making necessary. So if you have a problem with what's written here, it's me you take it up with.

Where to begin? I suppose with where this 'movement' began. I'm sure you can google the particulars yourself, but apparently this all started during last year's PAX East and a group of Lara Croft cosplayers. One of the journalists decided to be an unoriginal dick and ask them what it was like being at a convention where none of the men could please them? I think I know this fuck too, and no one likes his punk ass as far as I know, if it's indeed the guy I'm thinking of. I'm pretty sure it's an attempt at being an alpha asshole, but everyone can see the pathetic fuck for what he really is; his asshole game is nonexistent making him just a plain pathetic unprofessional waste of carbon.

However, here's where I begin to have a problem. He didn't insult the girls there; he insulted every man there. EVERY GUY AT THAT PLACE! She wasn't pissed off about that, oh no, see she was pissed off because he somehow equated her to being a sex object (more on that later). Rather than, "Fuck you! Men here are cool." or "No, just you." or even "Fuck off! We don't talk to unprofessional omega boy losers like you." we get some righteous feminist indignation at being somehow treated as a sex object. The conversation then spirals out of control whereby he implies that because they were dressed like this, they were practically asking for it (he's actually right, but not quite in the way either side of this story would have one believe; more on that later too). This in turn causes her to write an article about speaking up, which in turn, spawns a whole host of others to start sharing their stories, and thus this movement is born. Some of these stories are of legitimate harassment (and worse); shit that should have been taken care of when it happened, but for some reason didn't. Some of what was shared were stories of how such situations were taken care of through the legal channels we have in place to deal with violators of the first rule and second rules of common law. Others, and far too many of these I can see, aren't so much harassment as are these women are pissed off that the wrong type of guys have the AUDACITY to do more than look out of the corner of their eyes at their half dressed bodies, and even, *gasp* walked up and invited them out for coffee or whatever; how dare they. Finally, quite a number are stories of running into people that are either jerks or who just don't get personal boundaries. Welcome to the fucking world, where jerks are all over the fucking place like maggots on a corpse. Well, we have a method for dealing with them too; it's called the bird with a healthy scream of, "FUCK OFF!"

This is also coinciding with several instances of similar movements cropping up all over in other circles of interest groups. Take a look, for example, at this thing called Atheism+. This all started when a girl going by the moniker 'Skepchick' gave a presentation at one of their atheism conventions about misogyny and such. Shortly after, one of her fellow con goers, while they were in an elevator, asked her to his room to discuss her views in further detail over coffee. She declined, he shrugged, and in a sane world...that would have been it. But no, this is the world of the entitled feminist, and he was the wrong sort of guy to do this. Probably some beta herbling that turns girls off faster than a light-switch; the kinds you see en masse, in places like atheism conventions, math conventions...and anime conventions to name a few. And so, he and all like him MUST be punished with a public flogging. Go on, go watch that...this article will be right here for however long it takes you to get through that with as many stops and starts to keep from swallowing your own tongue as you'll need.

To segue off a bit, girls, if you're looking for the 'right kind of guy' (read: sexy, aloof, alphaish) to pay attention to you, you're not going to find them in any numbers at a goddamn convention like that. If you do happen to find one, he's already got his sights set on one of the top 1% of the female cosplayers there, and he's probably already rogouring her...you won't blip his radar unless you catch him at just the right time late at night, and then, all you're going to get is a quicky. Still, I do know about five minutes of alpha, and what that means to a girl...and how far way too many of the female sex will go to get it.

Point being, as I said, this should have ended right there in the elevator. But no, she turns it into some fucking out of control monstrosity where this guy simply asking her over for a cup of goddamn coffee is tantamount to attempted rape. This then spirals into the movement Atheism+ which looks more like something out of the 45 Declared Goals of the Communist Takeover of America (and probably is). Atheism not as a rejection of religion but as a 'social justice' movement. Look down that rabbit hole and you'll find out there's nothing social or just about this thing called 'social justice', but that's another segue that I'll leave you, the reader, to embark upon if you wish.

Another example is a young lady by the name of Adria Richards, who recently, at a tech conference was at a Python panel I think it was, and heard some guys behind her joking about some of the terms which could easily be used in sexual innuendo. Rather than turning around and asking them to be quiet so she could hear the damn presentation (and if they didn't stand up and ask the presenter to deal with the situation), she tweeted their photos and called them out publicly for what she felt was inappropriate behavior (who needs big brother, when you have little brother...or in this case, little sister, and not the fun kind that give you power ups). This public display resulted in said men loosing their jobs, and even her termination from her job (a surprising thing to happen to a girl), when this could have been solved simply by speaking up at the time to the people themselves or to the people in some authority at the convention right then.

These are some recent examples of what's been going on along with this movement of Cosplay =/= Consent, and there are thousands more. In this final example I'm going to share (or we'd be at this for a very long time), I'd like to turn back the clock further to September 7, 1968. The scene is four hundred women at the Miss America Pageant outside the Atlantic City convention center. For those in the generation previous to mine, they will remember this as when said women were protesting 'ludicrous beauty standards' and started placing symbols of feminine oppression into trash cans and burning them (though I hear nothing truly got set on fire). From what I gather, this is the origin of the whole bra burning thing that has become synonymous with a lot of feminist (which is really communist, but again...that rabbit hole is something you, the reader, can explore on your own) agitprop.

Sound familiar? Bunch of women, getting indignant at being treated as sex objects (it doesn't matter if this is true or not) by men, starting a movement...well, you get the idea.

In other words, I'm calling bullshit on the whole Cosplay =/= Consent movement. You want something unoriginal? THIS is just more of the same that we've been seeing since well before damn near anyone currently alive was even born. Thanks to the wonderful power of the internet, though, we can correlate and catalog them as they come into being...and watching a whole shitload of these movements springing up in almost the same way through our various social circles, in this, the twilight of Western Civilization, is actually kinda amusing, and very telling.

Look girls, and you few guys who think by going along with this, it'll somehow get you some favor from them (newsflash: IT WON'T!), what most of you...what you're really fighting against is human nature. Nature is a big all powerful BITCH the likes of which none of us can truly fathom, and she gave both men and women inherent programs which, granted, she's constantly tinkering with, but for the vast majority of us, are our baseline. We have a prime directive, and it is the prime directive of ALL LIFE on this and probably every other world. Propagate yourself. That which does not follow this rule, does not live long, if at all. To this end, we as a bi gender species, have been given a direction and nature which is to facilitate this. You don't like being a sex object? Well too fucking bad...men and women ARE sex objects to each other! This is the first thing you MUST understand, and no one, not one of us, gets a choice in this.

But that wasn't really the problem...at least, not exactly. It's always in the fine print you'll find that fucker, the devil, with the mother of all troll faces looking at you and giggling, "U MAD, BRONY? U MAD?" Ladies, let me explain the nature of the male component of this situation. We are programed to, and this is completely outside of our control, seek out and mate with a female. This thing we call testosterone? That's the chemical in human's current physiological makeup that accounts for this drive, and the most omega plant eater alive has SEVENTEEN TIMES the amount of that substance than the most man jawed butch woman on the planet. You cannot FATHOM the kind of control that is required to keep that drive in line. To keep civilization running, the vast majority of men have this control drilled into us (both external and internal sources) from birth, and even with that level of training, the influence of that drive never goes away. Ever. Bluntly put, by the time you've talked to the vast majority of men, they've imagined you naked and what it would like to be in bed with you. Every conversation, every interaction, EVERYTHING you do with a guy has this as an overtone. Any guy who claims otherwise is either lying or one of those strange outliers that are usually exempt from the whole species propagation thing (they account for about four to five percent of the population...both men and women).

This is just a reality of men. Fact of life. It's not all we are, but it's a damn big component, and none of us, not men or women can escape it. The problem is girls, your nature is diametrically opposed to ours, and for damn good reason. Summed up, it's this: Sperm is cheap. Eggs are expensive. Guys want to, and can, fuck everything with tits and a pussy. What really makes us want to fuck are indicators of fertility. That would be youth, BMI proportions, general shape of bodies, clear skin, etc. Men are 90% visual; and girls fucking know this. Maybe not consciously, but girls know this. It's why they take care of themselves, put on make up, show off their indicators of fertility. This is why girls get this reaction at conventions while they wear sexy cosplay...a lot more than normal. Anime girls look the way they do for a fucking good reason. Those are idealized visions of beauty and fertility, meant to appeal to every single visual cue a man has. Make yourselves resemble that, and you're going to engender a far greater reaction in our nature than just dressing nice and putting on makeup. And that's what I really mean, when I say that indeed you are asking for it. You are asking for a greater amount of male attention by being sexy and dressing up to portray idealized versions of feminine fertility. It doesn't matter what you think you're really doing or what you think you're entitled to...this is what you have done in reality, and in reality, this is what you are going to get in response. Remember that all powerful bitch, Nature...she don't give the barest of fucks about your effete sensibilities.

Before the tired and worn screams of the aggrievance mongers start their tsunami sirens about how I'm some sort of rape advocate, you fucks are already out of line for even thinking it. I never said word one about that, and reject any such argument for not only being a fallacy, but for being just plain wrong. Were it still done, I'd smack such a parasite across the face and invite them outside for a duel for even daring suggest I'd advocate such a thing as a matter of general policy...male, female, or otherwise.

Back on topic, however, you must remember, you can NEVER EVER divorce the prime directive of our species from its members. Go ahead, scream and rant about how you never chose or wanted that attention and you shouldn't be forced to endure it for all the good it will do. Hell, I want a hot girl who will maintain her beauty and her nice personality, love me as I will love her, and actually be capable of appreciating the equity of our life together. Nature. Does. Not. Give. A. Fuck. About. What. We. Want. Nature will laugh and laugh and laugh about our hurt feelings, telling said girl to suck it; that she gave men and women nature and she'll say to me...that I should go learn game or live and die alone, for I am expendable.

Ah, but we're back to the problems of female nature in regards to how it relates to male nature. Remember...eggs are expensive. This means that there must be a determination mechanism for the best sperm for those eggs for girls cannot just fuck everything in sight like a guy is supposed to be able to. It's that whole limit on the number of eggs, and the fact it takes time to raise a child to the point it can take care of itself...they need the best possible chance to survive. A weakling's sperm will produce weakling children. That determination method is this: the guys that exhibit certain behaviors. Among them are self centered survival (higher chance the children will survive with this attitude), uncompromising self image (they will never weaken and get themselves killed), mercenary ruthlessness...well, you get the idea. These behaviors indicate that the children will grow up innately capable of taking care of themselves and continuing to propagate the species in a world trying to destroy them (actually, it's a world trying to make the species stronger and more capable of adapting and surviving, but it kinda amounts to the same thing). Visual looks...don't account for even a quarter of what women are looking for. This accounts for some of those fugly bastards fucking hot chicks like it's nothing...and why serial killers get thousands of marriage proposals. It's also why those guys who you know will pay attention to women at the cost of themselves make most girls absolutely WRETCH. However, most girls will take advantage of a poor sap giving them stuff. I mean hey, free shit, right? Who wouldn't take advantage of that? No strings attached...oh he wants sex and family too? Hilarious...what made him think just showering a girl with love and gifts would make him worthy of love, sex, children, and family in return?

And that, folks, is what the real problem is. It's not that there's some jerkassery coupled with a quasi rape epidemic going on, it's that, for most of these girls, it's the wrong kinds of guys making these overtures. That are getting too close and asking to take pictures with and of them. Sometimes asking them out later. See, the attention is great...and girls like to be appreciated (again, they know we're 90% visual)...but the wrong kind of guy stepping through the invisible bars to interact? Oh, that'll make a girl feel like the full forces of HELL itself are coming right at her...at least, in the current day and age it does.

Funny, how when a guy complains about what torques his nature, he's called all sorts of names and shamed for being judgmental, and such. However, when a girl's hypergamous imperative is infringed, it's all sympathy, consoling, and further shame upon the guys for doing this to the lil' darling. Just thinking about this makes me agree with Megatron.

In the current day and age, we have what can be considered the female hypergamous imperative's utopia as has ever been. Girls are free to pursue the alpha their instincts demand, while extracting resources from the beta majority of men with no expectation of reciprocation and with no negative consequences of their behavior impacting said girls at all. On a girl's word alone can a man be imprisoned without trial, his home and property barred to his access, and his life destroyed for whatever reason the girl deems fit. The Duke Lacrosse fiasco is not the exception, but has become more the norm. The vast majority of divorces are initiated by women with most child support and alimony awarded to women (who have no legal mandate to use the child support for the child) causing some men to commit the unthinkable. Sometimes the child is not even biologically his. This reduces the man to a mere shell of a creature, an indentured servant, a slave barely able to support himself, if at all. Should he loose his job, he can wind up in debtors prison, where interest on those non payments, as well as the non payments themselves continue to accrue. This can push a man to a point whereby he does something rather rash.

The above is only mentioned to drive home a point that despite the current paradigm of a man taking his goddamn life in his hands by getting involved with a woman, we are still DRIVEN to it by our nature. Women these days are both trained by others and shown in action that they can be the biggest cunts to men now adays, and not only do men take it, they come back, and BEG women for more. This is shit we would kill another man for, and yet for women we just smile and keep on suckin' it down. If we did not have this drive, we would have about as much to do with women as most of women do with most of us men...which is to say barely any. It would certainly be a blessing to me if that drive were eliminated. Though I will never have that drive taken advantage of again; I swear this on whatever will pass for my future that this is so.

Which actually brings me to my final point, and the crux of this whole sordid mess. Despite what men are driven to by their nature, and the dangers they currently face in doing so, there is a limit to how often one can kick the dog, so to speak. It will not be with violence that men will turn on women in this and other situations. When this occurs; men will simply disassociate ourselves from women. This movement is going to make it so that the simple act of standing too close and/or asking a cosplayer if they're free for a drink will result in the boys in blue coming down to arrest said offender while the girl in question whines about how she got eye raped by some casual attendee. Why in the fuck would anyone even BOTHER with such a situation or deal with such people? Girls, you'll find we will disengage, en masse, because this fun thing that we both used to do? It'll be no fun anymore. The attendance to these cons with trickle to barely anything, and most will shut down. You'll actually wonder why. For that, honestly, look in the mirror; you'll have only yourselves to blame. This is what you will have chosen; it will be the end result of what you said you wanted. For the rest of us...it'll just be too damn needlessly dangerous and just plain not entertaining. Who in fuck all of their right minds would deal with that?

I suppose I could end this with a warning about where this movement is headed, and to heed my words or one day you will face the future I have predicted. I could wish that this movement stops where it should stop: Where it reminds people of LEGITIMATE acceptable limits of behavior...both cosplayer and regular attendee. Where it notes that certain actions will guarantee certain responses, and one should be prepared for them, or just not engage in those actions. Where it notes there are processes in place to deal with abuse when it occurs, and to not stay silent when it happens, and that there are appropriate responses for each situation and to know what situation require what response. To remind both attendee AND cosplayer to respect each other and the convention...we're here to have fun, after all. I suppose I could hope that this would be the case, but as history has shown, movements like this grow unreasonable and do not stop until everything that was fun and cool about anime, cosplay, and conventions are ashes and hellfire. As stated; however, history has shown where this is going...so honestly, I don't see the point in anything more than this rant. When the convention is finally the done deal that this movement will make of our current fun thing to do, I will only be inclined to ask those responsible one simple thing:

Was it worth it?

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