Tuesday, 13 June 2006 22:26

RoaDLM: Epiphanies at Conventions Featured

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Whilst walking through Fanime bright and cheery, I stumbled across a fangirl lovely and pretty. Her boyfriend hovered o'er her dark and blearly, from the bounds of hell, did he seem quite leary, of the fanboy attention she did receive. Pausing not to wonder why my meter is now askew, epiphany struck like morning dew. So here are my words to give it definition; dear brave souls, we have become transcendant in our mission.

Tuesday, 30 May 2006 00:23

Dragon's Den Opens Featured

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Now that the site upgrades are completed, I've added my first Dragon's Den column article, on the recent Eroge Anime trend that has been seen over the last six years. Bear in mind that much of this is my own opinion, much the same as David's Rantings of a Demented Little Man are his, but I've tried to be as factual as possible in order to give you a good picture of the trend. Enjoy!

Thursday, 25 May 2006 00:31

Shuffle! Review Featured

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This week it's Shuffle! in the spotlight, as I take a look at the TV series by Navel & Omegavision.  A great little romp of a story, despite some pretty basic Harem beginnings, take a look at the review to see why I think it's well worth a shot.

Friday, 12 May 2006 22:22

Itsudatte My Santa Review Featured

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This week it's a look at the Christmas story Itsudatte My Santa, based on the manga of the same name by Ken Akamatsu.  Be warned - the reindeer bite.

Tuesday, 02 May 2006 23:10

Rozen Maiden: Träumend Review Featured

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Today we have a review the next season of a series I think everyone should probably take time to sit down and watch, Rozen Maiden: Träumend. A fair warning to those that do...you may find yourself hopelessly hooked on this wonderful and deep story.

Monday, 01 May 2006 00:09

Renkin 3-kyū Magical? Pokān Review Featured

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Today comes a preview of Renkin 3-kyu Magical Pokan, a series that seems to have a bit of a split personality disorder.  With enough cute to give a fluoride factory tooth decay, it might be cute enough to catch your eye...  But watch for childish antics.

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