Thursday, 22 March 2007 22:41

AMV Release - Prelude to the Dark Day Featured

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This video is actually my first Avatar AMV, and my third AMV all together. It's also when I found out that Anime Music Video's now screens their videos and won't let you post unless you have a confirmed anime listed. The next stop was Youtube, where it had a remarkable success. A large string of comments and a flawless 5.0 rating until Nickelodeon decided it was tired of people pirating Avatar through Youtube. Youtube's actions were quick and ruthless, and my innocent video was wiped out with the pirate ships. I'm not complaining mind you, as Nickelodeon has a right to protect its assets.

So finally, with Aquaricat's good graces, here it is: Prelude to the Dark Day, set to A.F.I.'s Prelude to 12/21

Tuesday, 06 March 2007 21:43

Gears of War Review Featured

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As long as I'm on a site updating spree, I thought that I'd add a new review to the mix, my first xBox 360 take. And for that event, I've settled on a Gears of War review that cuts right to the gory innards. Hope you folks are ready for a mauling the likes of which Ash would look at and say... "Groovy." Grab your Torque Bow, check your shotgun's ammo load, and rev up that Lancer's chainsaw bayonet... Welcome back to the Army, soldier.


Saturday, 03 March 2007 00:12

Dragon's Anime Proudly Presents Featured

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I'm pleased to present to you the work of Little Masa-ouki, a long time friend from the #TenchiFF chatroom of Aniverse, and his newest Anime Music Video. Because it is an Avatar AMV, he wasn't able to get it hosted in the normal places, such as, or even, so Dragon's Anime is honored, and proud to provide it here instead. The AMV is presented in Jeroen Wijering's Flash Media Player, which works similar to YouTube's player. You can find the video here in Little Masa-Ouki's new section, Masa's Corner.

Saturday, 24 February 2007 22:43

More from the ASOS Brigade Featured

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Well, it looks like our diabolical friends over at the ASOS have come out with a new episode, they have right on their front page. Ep 005...which makes me wonder how many I missed so far...or did I miss them?

In any event, here you go, and spread the word! All Hail Haruhi!

Saturday, 10 February 2007 14:47

More on the Subject of Moe Featured

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A lot of people have a lot to say on the subject of moe, and it's been interesting cruising through the various articles on it, to say the least. Here for example, is an indepth dissertation on the meaning and usage of it as it's being used at present time. Which is to say, it's definitely different from its actual meaning which can be found here (and includes its own expansion of the word).

I also note that the Heisei Democracy site has more to it than just odd articles, it contains a lot of trivia based news concerning anime and manga that is well worth a read through.

Drop by the forums and discuss the subject, for there is a lot about it that people both agree on and find contradictory. CLOSED

Thursday, 01 February 2007 21:58

Prey (PC) Review Featured

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I've added a review on the PC version of Prey for your reading pleasure.  Hope you remembered your splash guard, as you join Tommy on his trip through an alien slaughterhouse in his quest to save his girlfriend and attempt to reach Scarface levels of foul language.  This isn't for kids folks, but read on for more of my thoughts on the FPS from Human Head Studios.  Don't be afraid to discuss it too! CLOSED

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